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  • Debbie 

If We Build It -Dreams

We need warriors in each area of our state to reach out to their gastroenterologists in their area. I believe we have gastroenterologists who are able to handle our care, but we need to actually reach out, actively inquire, while explaining the needs of our community members. It isn’t unreasonable to expect Medical care to be accessible to us in a greater demand than a Walmart in every town. While we appreciate the ability to shop wherever & whatever town you are in at a very predictable rate. We need to be able to be able to expect a fraction of this in our state. The state which is the headquarters of the original Walmart should certainly be able to help solve an issue which is creating suffering for untold Arkansans with incurable illnesses. We are not able to go to the out of state referrals and often are denied by insurance to pay for the out of state doctor or procedure. We lack mobility due to health and finances to travel the long distances suggested for our chronic illnesses. It would therefore make more sense to utilize our gastroenterologists already in state and support them through consults with our well known Motility Clinics. The same Motility Clinics and Doctors who have been sited on numerous medical journals both to teach new doctors, as well as to develop new treatments for Motility issues.

We could thereby solve a longstanding problem of patients without care/treatments, dying or suffering from their chronic illness. We would slowly put in place gastroenterologists in northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast, and central Arkansas, or any other state (every state can be looked at or broken into a grid with gastroenterologists as a foundation block). While the gastroenterologists/Clinics, hospitals may not be as numerous as Walmarts, it will feel as though we will have achieved this result!

We will have built our dream! A medical support team in Arkansas (and/or any other state- and there are many who seek treatments, research, quality of life and care while advocating towards our most desired goal of cures!) with treatment, procedures, labs, all associated specialists available in one location for our patient community members.

All thought about from the eyes of patient quality of care. Therefore, each medical treatment team would include a palliative care team for those who have been living with long term chronic illnesses.

Any patient battling chronic illness, whether it is cancer, motility, mitochondrial, diabetic, heart disease, lupus, etc chronic Illnesses impact the entire patient. They require support, quality of care, quality of life, while working towards better treatments research and cures for the chronic patients is all for their individualized treatment plan. The goal is always for their quality of life and care every single day. ❤️🙏🏼❤️🥄🥄🥄.