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  • Debbie 

Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness Month 2018 Miracles #Adversities with #Advocacy

We choose to face #adversity with #advocacy, no matter the #chronic illness, its #incurable #invisible status —> we #Spoonies believe in #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin -Glitter Queens Global – while lifting each other. (April GP ) Being a #BeaconOfHope AGMD (Maryangela) our Motility Bill #HR1187 IFFGD (Tegan & Ceceil) Gastroparesis Fighting For A Change (Melissa, Trisha)

We raise ourselves & others thereby creating change w/ awareness! We light-up, educate, empower, encourage, motivate, inspire, support, positively, optimistically, believe in the lowest of moments there is a #HigherGround filled with possibilities, better treatments, research. quality of life and care, cures! Our chronic warrior’s journeys are, have been, continue to be filled with testimonies of validation testifying to numerous miracles with millions of chronic warriors. We do not define nor describe one specific type of warrior’s miracle because they cannot be put into a single box. Many chronic warriors have multiple diagnoses. Many chronic warriors diagnosed with a chronic illness receive a miracle/s. Miracles are no less miraculous, whether they are your miracle, a friend’s,family’s, neighbor’s, chronic’s, continent’s… Miracles are miraculous!

We are lifted, inspired, encouraged by the Grace received by others. Our Happy Dances on their behalf heals us. This inspiration has the most spectacular special way of moving us closer to a greater strength in Grace with its strength and comfort to all chronic warriors! I have heard and felt the change due to cellular/molecular structure strength, realignment during these moments. The empathy we feel for others has an impact. The stress we encounter on our human journey, impacts us! It is directly related to how our bodies function. If you are a chronic warrior who has a high degree of empathy towards others, then learning how to exercise your brain, heart-rate, blood pressure, breathing in order to help yourself and others is extremely beneficial. (Biofeedback is a method used to help control your pain – once mastered, it is very helpful to bring peace and comfort to your body). The ability to pray, meditate, focus, creates a sense of self-control over your body. When someone is diagnosed with a chronic illness without a cure/s or successful treatments the intense feeling of lack of control is overwhelming. It is an understatement to say having control over the smallest of things is very satisfying!

I will give a brief description of a moment: at the beginning of my therapy for nausea and vomiting. I had had a PICC line placed for antiemetics (IV infusions to control the nausea and vomiting) I couldn’t access the syringes myself because of the location of the line. I had a home-health nurse for my noon dose. My hubby did the morning dose and my daughter did the evening dose. Finally one day I managed to stretch my left wrist, turn my fingers very carefully to manipulate the syringe for normal saline, heparin, connect and reconnect my tubing with infusion. I was FREE, NORMAL! it wasn’t the true definition of “normal” as the vast majority of our population would describe normal, but it was my new favorite version of “free normal!” I had a piece of control! I can still feel this elation a decade or more later!

Yes We Can! Be alive past a prediction! Have better treatments, research, quality of life and care!

Yes We Can! Have hope for change towards cures!

In Empathy #WeSeeYou #WeHearYou #WeFeelYou #WeAreYou

#Spoonies In #Adversity choosing #Advocacy

#ButYouDontLookSick Christine Miserandino Spoonie Theory

It is with positivity and optimism along with miracles seen and testimonies given I share the hope for change #Adversity conquered by #Advocacy

Warriors join together with our nonprofits, groups, advocates, friends, families, people we do not even know are about to make a difference in our lives, they all have a part in creating a new reality for #ChronicWarriors.

It is said, Faith is the belief in things unseen.

I believe in compassion, empathy, and the greater good of humanity for our fellow human beings. We all step in each other shoes. The prayer I have for other’s dreams to come true, their best health, and fortune is the hope for us all. I will continue to believe the health/care of humanity is of greater importance than a Walmart in every town.