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  • Debbie 

August 25th #Green4GP to #CureGP 2nd Annual #TheEvent

We are each #TheEvent in advocacy over adversity 365/24/7 living lives with chronic illnesses. You are warriors on every level of your lives in various ways in multiple chronic communities, many of us overcome multiple diagnoses on a daily basis. Choosing to focus on our truth before our diagnosis while accepting our growth in how the diagnosis/es have stretched us in numerous ways. Over the years our chronic has almost been an alchemist experience leaving #ChronicWarriors with a rarified version of ourselves through the journey with prayers and meditation. We may not take the same path, but we share similar experiences in the chronic journey.

(While this is my share of the advocacy journey. I know I am not alone. I also know my expression of my journey may be slightly different, because it should be. We should always be agreeing to disagree. It is a very healthy atmosphere to have differing views. #BeYou )

This is how we embrace every part of advocacy while seeking our ultimate goal of better treatments research and quality of life and care while constantly seeking our cures! Every time we join together #HelpingOthers #LiftingOthers #RaisingOthers into the light…it brings us all closer to this goal! Today, as we post on all social media platforms, in an effort to #PaintTheTownGreen4GP #BeSeenBeingGreen4GP it is with the intent to create change while raising awareness for the millions of warriors who fight this battle daily! As well as remembering our #RIPWarriorAngels whom we forevermore memorialize in our hearts & minds … we advocate in their behalf always.

Your advocacy has already given a great deal of support /love leading up to #TheEvent everything posted today online & offline is a blessing in #Advocacy! #WeSeeYou #WeHearYou #WeFeelYou #WeAreYou #BeYou is all about letting others know they are not alone! You are encouraged to be yourself always!