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  • Debbie 

Historically Speaking

The 15th amendment in 1870 and the 19th amendment in 1920 both gave rights to vote in our United States of America.

Why do I mention this thought? As I begin my day with prayer & meditation, I am sending condolences with sincere prayers to Sen John McCain’s family & friends. I think about our nations history. I did not know Sen McCain personally, but he symbolizes all of things we would wish for as a representative as a voice in Washington. He is a Warrior Patriot. I had not always agreed with his political views, but I always respected how he carried his mantel of service to our country. The ideals upon which our nation was founded must be respected and treated with respect to all. He was the first to admit he made mistakes, errors, and owned up to them. This is very respectable and honorable. It is refreshing to hear a human being admitting their humanity in unity for us all. Stopping the divisive feeding ground running for ratings & profit.

We have endured great hardship to create the growth reflected in the two amendments I mention. This is no time to be backpedaling as if we do not know our history. Moreover, acting as if we do not know the strength of character Sen McCain showed in his service to our country in Vietnam. Then again during his Presidential campaign when he answered rumors (lies/couched in birthism ) being spun against his opponent. He provided a living example of statesmanship and leadership.

Reflecting on history while watching history sometimes prompts you to go to your journal and free-think write. It is healing to our minds and bodies.

It isn’t to recruit, change minds, influence anyone, or anything else. It is simply to ease my meditative release. The burden upon my heart. The empathy I carry for our current situation is so very heavy and I seek to make lighter.