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  • Debbie 


A Red-lorded Amazon

A pandemonium of parrots…. all seeing us with their

Intent gaze…

What do they see & perceive of us?

Do we attribute our thoughts unto them?

A hand fed baby will not know itself to be a bird,

It thinks differently about its self.

If you are intent in act and deed you will see.

It isn’t so much about a transference of our thoughts to them

In the pandemonium I believe we are the one ones being examined

I wonder,

Are they questioning us? How much of our intelligence guides us in our similar life spans.

Whether it is a macaw, cockatoo, Red-lored Amazon, or any other similar speaking type parrot/bird.

They are extremely intelligent with long term memories.

While we could also say a flock of parrots, it is so fitting to say pandemonium (wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.) together in a group they are well defined! Have you ever heard a group of parrots carrying on at the same time? An uproar would be an understatement.

You would well benefit from a set head/earphones.

You know the old style type? ->

Just because we are not speaking words does not mean we are not communicating. It is a little more difficult perhaps, but we can still create change –communication happens in a lot of ways. Persistence, Patience, positivity, and Optimism will keep us all moving forward πŸ™‚ praying <3