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  • Debbie 

The Mitochondrial/Motility Journey

#MitochondrialAwarenessMonth Sept 22 our online/ offline awareness day! How do I tell you about my mito? The easiest way is to describe how your organ systems behave when you age. Yet in a mito malabsorption dx my bones were 86 yrs old but I was approximately 40 (when this began.) my hearing & eyesight declined. I had cataract implants way earlier than you would anticipate. My GI issues … at first it was all caught up in my initial diagnoses. Mito isn’t your first thought when multiple issues are making an appearance, but are not easy to diagnose. Chronic migraines appearing suddenly then leaving to reappear at a disabling level. At first they were misdiagnosed as PTSD…. Dr’s come up with all kinds of crazy answers when they can’t solve a problem with a shallow medical well. It was a massive sinus blockage with polyps. I had this corrected and was ok for quite awhile. Key phrase is “awhile!” Multiple organ systems with the migraines reappeared and once again the doctors were creative. My husband was caring and attentive, but I was very sick without answers .. in doctor language this was abusive. Once this was cleared up and that set of doctors were released from my care.. by me. .. for being ridiculous. I lost two jobs, and eventually found my way to the doctor with the Gastroparesis, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Syndrome, Colonic Inertia, Chronic Migraines, diagnoses in 1999. It would be 2012 before they knew I had POTS & Mito as the cause of the motility issues ( I was not diabetic).