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  • Debbie 

Our World Today

I feel at a loss, not as a chronic warrior of incurable illnesses, nor with my advocacy over adversity from day to day in prayer to keep my mind and thoughts in a peaceful strength of optimism and positivity.

No, while challenging, I feel secure within my warrior journey.

I may lack energy or health, but I am optimistic and positive about my day, hour, minute, moment.

I am at a loss to understand my thoughts as a constituent in our constituency constitutional government. As I watched, I hope you are able to watch Dr Christine Blasey Ford Brett & Kavanaugh’s entire Senate hearing testimony under oath. Yes, under oath, saying facts which have been presented. This should lead us to conclude he is a candidate for a Supreme Court Justice, according to him (I think it also requires watching his prior senate hearings). It may also require a slight observation of our representatives back and forth to not become lost in the minutiae.

My largest observation in this back and forth was hearing Senators say “How do you respond or investigate an anonymous source or allegation(without a name to question or ask about there cannot be an investigation)?”

Yet, when the position changes, suddenly they can do an investigation without a name. Dr Ford was holding back her name, requesting her information be anonymous. Hoping the information would be enough.This was before it was leaked.

Putting all of this aside, look/ listen to the hearings. They give insight, illumination, consideration, along with the prior hearings of how Brett Kavanaugh will take our nation’s laws. — adjudicate them towards an outcome.

At this point we look to the prior hearings. When being questioned on certain rulings he made as a judge, asked to follow how he ruled and the precedent he used for his ruling it took deep digging. It was shown often just one case (a dessent- hard to find — amongst many others to the opposite conclusion) which backed up his validation for a choice he made. He was reaching for cover, manipulative legal angling for a political or personal choice comes into all of our actions. Yet as a Supreme Court Justice who chooses to rewrite parts of his personal history to justify his personal outcome alongside the way he chooses to rule from the bench, most notably the case of the young girl in Texas.

Yes, it is the sensitive issue of abortion, but it is an illustration of legal maneuvering through laws at the expense of those without power how it is yielded to pursue a wider agenda.

It is through this lens I feel a loss of understanding as to why our representatives do not feel a deep objection to what they have already witnessed.

Have we been anesthetized by the tape of our President? Did this suddenly make us an uncaring unemphatic nation? Have we grown numb to the untruths uttered?

Regardless of how we arrived at our current state, it is never too late to wake up and begin to act like the nation our children and their children’s children will be proud of in all ways small steps and large steps matter. When we show empathy, respect, and kindness towards our community in the USA and worldwide we fulfill the dreams of forefathers/mother’s.

Slowly, we can all dispel this fog of loss for integrity, the basic “do unto others as you would have done unto you” and when wrong is done to us.. we do not behave in a way out of our character. We remain who we are and therefore we show empathy, kindness, respect, generosity of spirit, strength, encouragement, our high road is not just a “phrase!” It is a journey of generations which must not be dishonored.

We are not in a street fight.

We are survivors of many layers in our multi-cultural, generational, gender, socioeconomic multi-dimension layers of life. Our world, our country is on a path towards growth of ideas.

Listening to each other is an integral aspect of our human journey.

We have enough representatives serving, I believe, who remember why they are in Congress. They are not there to save their political life. They are there to uphold their sworn testimony to the constituents who placed them in their seat. Vote for what it is right, not what is is politically safe.

Please let us see you remember why America is Hope and Truth Worldwide.