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  • Debbie 

Charity /Advocate Who We Are


We are patient and kind while sending our virtual spoons out to each other worldwide. Millions with incurable illnesses living with chronic illnesses.

Lifting each other up in charity. Charity is never selfish, haughty or rude. We live each day in advocacy over our adversity. The diagnoses do not discriminate in any way, there is no mercy nor compassion for anyone living with incurable illnesses. It is vitally essential that we do all we can to eliminate any unnecessary roller coaster rides with stress.

It is a slow process, at times there will backsliding, we have lived our lives differently a very long time.

I and others can tell you it is worth the effort and the benefit to our health and advocacy is priceless.

I will never reach out to you and create stress or Rock your PeaceBoat creating waves which could threaten your journey with peace and comfort.

When we say, Love is never selfish, rude, or demand its own way.

Another way to see this is to put your empathy shoes on and walk through the other person’s journey after you say the words you feel you need to say.

Is there still an atmosphere Grace, kindness, support? Or have you pulled energy from a person without any to give? Did I pull energy from someone who had none to give? This process is about truly being empathetic with an unconditional encouragement support in our communities. We are all on the same journey towards cures. I truly believe I am just a small cog meant to encourage others and pray I do this to at least one person today. There are so many unique beautiful Advocates in our communities!

Love, Faith, and Hope is the greatest of all. Charity is never jealous or envious, boastful or proud. It does not demand its own way. It isn’t irritable or touchy. It doesn’t hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong. It is never glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out. If you love someone you will be loyal to them no matter the cost. You will always believe in them, always expect the best of them and always stand your your ground in defending them. It is advocacy for ourself and others which allows us to come together for change. I am but a cog. I am deeply appreciative, honored, humbled, grateful to be blessed with our advocacy journey towards better treatments, research, quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic incurable illnesses. Our big wheel /goal of better /cures unites us all.

Many of you may recognize the scripture of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-13 (this is a mixture of the Living Bible KJV & Deb commentary – please forgive my forwardness in my application I do not wish to offend anyone.) Even if you are not Faith based the guidance of the words are still of exquisite value to us all, in my opinion.

We are seeking #Empathy with action for #incurable #illnesses like #MotilityDisorders #Gastroparesis #FGIMD #IBS #HR1187 #Cosponsors #USA #TakeABite4GP #Worldwide #CIP #Crohns #SIBO #Diabetes #Mito #Sjogrens #Lupus #Raynauds #Barretts #EDS #UlcerativeColitis #ColonicInertia