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  • Debbie 

Second Place – What It Could Mean

Stand tall

All is not lost

There will be a record keeping

All is kept in its place

A close second is not an embarrassment to our tomorrow

It is a marker for Justice

She will come

Ever so slow, it may seem

Like Josephus

back in his day

accounting His days

There is always a close second

Like in “The Social Network”

The movie about Facebook

All may seem like it’s wonderful, in dollars and cents, but how could it be? Really? Under the circumstances with elections, Russia, drama, fake accounts and untold drama coming like the roosters back to the chicken coop

How appropro right? After all it was the chicken you remember right? The scene building to the power switch.

It is all an intricate circle

Making the rounds

Are you asleep or woke?

Which way do you lean?

Do you know? Is it clear how a lil cog could be priceless or how so little could be worth so much more?

Do you see how the digital footprint has taken its toll upon us all?

Are you ready to step back and put your real cells back into place? Like letting your Mitochondria become healed from the toxic waste?

Have you had a wake-up call?

It is not all bad

Please do not mistake me

It is not my meaning by far!

It is the opposite

We can meet our calling by one of these callings,

But only by having the discernment of knowing with discernment.

We can only see, if we know how to see truth.

How do we see fake, true, friends or foes?

We must live in our real lives more than our internet, fake lives. Only human beings and real lives can give us true discernment. Speaking on the phone, interaction with our real family and friends. Then we can live in truth. Otherwise we are an avatar online. We are disconnected to ourselves and our actions.

Coming in second to anything is a blessing and a needed interruption on our journey. No coincidences. Explore the explanation. Be a Josephus.