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  • Debbie 

Our America

Selling the American Dream in the age of Reality TV vs Sitcoms. We entered the age of social media during our last few Presidential elections. The most notable one broke down a barrier/ dream of having a President of color. We had long held an American Dream of this reality signaling an end of ages of racial hatred. Our television sitcoms paralleled our society in its real life truths in wishes and realisms.The “Mayberry” we all long for, the community, we dream of,the America we wish to be “Great Again” has always been here. It is truly in the “eye of the beholder.” If your eyes saw it, eight years you saw “Mayberry!” The all American family, a fair and just sheriff (No drama Obama). The characters of a real life American Dream was in full bloom. Yet like all moments it is too much forward to not be threatened by the backwardness of a long-standing hatred (ie “birthism).

If you know the story of America, we always find a way to hold up ourselves to the light in the right way. It really isn’t an Archie Bunker America we live in any longer. We live in our long earned journey. The journey fought, bled, marched, peacefully protested through, won the rights to vote by persons of all color and genders, still seeking the right in all areas, every vote to count! Our journey continues each and every day! We may not show id’s to purchase cereal, but we show our I’d,s as Americans as we seek the truth of our fellow journeys. We respect each other, as displayed most recently in the Arizona race with a beautiful dog in the video as a support role providing a model of how to behave. So needed in these moments, while I love my hats I know their limitations.

America is an amazing place for so many reasons. When beginning a list we always start with the first ..yes the first .. amendment.

Let’s just marinate on this greatness.