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  • Debbie 

‘‘Tis The Season of Cures”

‘It’s the season of cures

Alas, how can this be? This phrase, meme, hashtag, has been posted, shared, advocated by deeply committed chronic communities over a great span of their shared chronic journeys.

I believe, it is in part, because of faith, hope, & persistence. We do not live the same spiritual walk of life. We can all see how inspiration becomes a velvet virtual blanket in this time of year. This warmly held traditional passage of generation to generation can make all things magically hopeful.

The lights blinking in & out of our homes.

The chorus of Christmas songs….

Let me share the lyrics of “Let There Be Peace On Earth” – please keep in mind we on human journey brothers and sisters in peace physically, emotionally, & spiritually regardless of religion/religious belief.

Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with me

Let There Be Peace on Earth

The peace that was meant to be

With God as our Father

Brothers all are we

Let me walk with my brother

In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me

Let this be the moment now.

With ev’ry step I take

Let this be my solemn vow

To take each moment and live

Each moment in peace eternally

Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with me

Are you feeling a moment of unease? Because your spoons do not allow you to decorate? Enjoy the joy of others spoons who have lights! Have a small tree or anything else with lights to put in your house. Even a small silver deer, stained glass ornaments- it isn’t the about the large or item it is about the symbolic nature of your comfort and peace.

We can truly manage to fill our lives with moments which reinforce our mental health status. If you can manage to find a set of the tiny white blinking or steady lights in a place in your home, let them be your year round motivation, inspiration, & encouragement.

I am not speaking of the retail side of this experience, but the childish joy. The happy anticipation of seeing a snowfall. The way pine, cedar, or cinnamon brooms can bring instantaneous magical joy to our lives. A small holiday scented candle can send us back in time.

We can change our lives with our thoughts/ our belief, our hearts, and minds. We can bring profound strength/well-being to our physical bodies. It is this cellular belief which can provide true change …a very real cure to each of us while we advocate towards a medical diagnostic cure for all our chronic illnesses.

Faith is the belief in things unseen. We believe deeply in the knowledge that each of us can one day achieve cures for the current incurable illnesses.

Every day a multitude of warriors, advocates, GP reporters, & supporters show a continuous belief in action and deeds of faith in the unseen. Our Cures in the chronic communities of millions are a deeply held belief that our better treatments, research, quality of life and care will absolutely lead to a multitude of cures.

#TisTheSeason4Cures in this season of childish #Muchness sprinkling reindeer dust, those mischievous elves, secret Santa’s, Angels/ stars on Tree tops (some of us see scripture.. always the possibility we are entertaining Angels in our journey of blessings to them & ourselves) looking to the sky for that sleigh & its reindeer’s. We know Rudolf’s Red nose will make it easier to see in the sky. We also, in our #Muchness believed in at least six impossible things before breakfast.

All the while meditating with my Beatitudes & Four Agreements… always at least two more types of reinforcements are called in to begin each day. The unknown of the day is how the *Joy is reinforced to create Peace and Comfort in every season.

***This path does not happen overnight… it is a Journey of chronic epiphanies*** Joy

Warrior/advocates do their very best to attain these goals, to seek peace and comfort for ourselves and others.

How do we find peace and comfort for ourselves in a chronic journey filled with many hurdles, it must begin with ourselves before we can share it with others.

My chronic journey method involves my Faith, but as I have described above in my mixture of readings & meditation this process can be attained through our dedicated meditation. I have been given the opportunity to learn over this chronic journey about choosing battles- prioritizing is essential. When you do not have enough energy to do all you need to do in a day, referring to this step as a choice in prioritization may not be accurate. Whether it was a choice or self-realization I made after grieving the loss of my former life. I made the choice to live a great life with alternative choices. It was not the same life, by any means, but it allowed my true self to never leave me.

What does this mean? If you had to describe yourself, your personality with two adjectives, what would they be? Try not to think about the answer just answer. Wait 24 hours and then answer the question again. Is the answer still the same?

Our diagnosis/es are not actually us at all. The physical symptoms we deal with can of course create a chronic change in our mental health.

The meditation/prayer was my key to hold onto myself through the various chapters of this chronic journey.

Therein came the opportunity to choose Peace. Within Peace is the knowledge that all emergencies are being handled by a wisdom greater than me. Thereby I can turn of the digital equipment which will interrupt peace. We have been given permission to walk in peace. We must choose to take the necessary steps to turn off everything with the knowledge that we can’t control our lives. We never did anyway. Now we can gain strength and comfort from the knowledge.

We can gather our spoons in the Peace without the stress or guilt from expectations of the … “I should be….”

I am stating this with the qualifier/s

1) you are on the chronic journey

2) your chronic illness/es disrupted your life in such a manner that you can never really predict whether you will be able to make an appointment

After stating these qualifiers I realized there is value in everyone being able to disconnect from all the online digital platforms/media.

I had done this, at first, in small breaks like a vacation.

Then I realized that I had used too many spoons online which I was unaware of how deep the deficit was nor did I know how deeply negativity could pull my spoons away. It would take a little while longer before I understood what should have been glaring obvious to anyone else. I had shared to most of y’all about this embarrassing little thing which happens externally on my chest with hives. I break out in hives when there is high negativity, drama, and conflict. I was a teacher who had to wear high necked shirts, blouses etc. I couldn’t be spanked as a child because I broke out & hyperventilated when I was very small. It was actually just a tap on my bottom, but when you are sensitive and empathetic this is what happens.

After explaining all this, it should be extremely obvious to anyone why limited/quality online time would be my priority.

He has given us permission to walk in Peace

He has all emergency situations in Hands

Can you hear the song?

He’s got the itty bitty baby in His hands

He’s got the itty bitty baby in His hands

He’s got the itty bitty baby in His hands

He’s got the whole world in His hands

With practice our minds, bodies, and hearts can be in Peace and comfort.

Inspirational music videos

Like Hallelujah, Fight Song,

New songs just stumbled upon today

Delta Goodrem- Enough feat. Gizzle

Kesha’s, Praying, Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge over Troubled Waters,I will probably add to this list I have an extensive inspirational song list to go to. I have been unconsciously building it since I was riding in the backseat of our family car as a child. We sang during our road trips, one of my earliest songs includes “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” my Dad’s voice the most dominant of us all. I have a very clear visual of him at the steering wheel while we are going over rolling hills to my Aunt Lottie’s house.

Our lives are a tapestry. The choices we make can reinforce the truths which are woven all around our journey. Emergencies have always been handled and He has given us permission to walk in Peace.

P.S. Thank you April & Aunt Mary for inspiring this writing <3