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  • Debbie 

A Unique Truth

I saw a promo for an upcoming show about American fashion. I have always wondered when we would arrive at the moment when the trends would no longer dictate what we wear. We will, I believe, because we are each unique and should be a reflection of our truth. I think we are closer to this today than in the past, but I hope we arrive there sooner than later. I may not be in the majority in my thinking that “cookie cutter” homes, neighborhoods, people are like living in a world without texture or color. Erasing all art, culture, personality, personal thought from our humanity is like living in world devoid of compassion,empathy, kindness with depth of awareness to who we truly are or ever have been as human beings. Being a robot in perfectly prefabricated mass-produced shelters doesn’t really seem like humanity, but an assembly line of process. We aren’t a process, but people processing with each other if we communicate from a place of unique truth.