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  • Debbie 

Creating A Peaceful Atmosphere

Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere can be done in a lot of ways. I believe we (Warriors) do so, in a multitude of ways to cope on our chronic journey. We are all human beings, none the same, all beautiful, each with a heart and organs, which beat and work anatomically the same, but uniquely different to each of us with our DNA.

Let me stop and acknowledge the work of my dear beautiful friend!

I am so proud to see my beautiful sister/friend has taken a huge step forward in addressing this aspect of our journey! April I am so very very proud of you for making this available to all of the chronic communities!!! Thank you and I love you! I was online yesterday and saw the post! Thank you so very much for your time, energy,health, and everything else it took to create this next step through your persistent advocacy for our chronic community! Thank you!

Returning to the video, it is about staying afloat, keeping our spirits, mentally and physically strong by whichever method works best for you. We each need a storehouse of reserves/ reservoir of strength and energy to draw upon when adversity/ illness/ life comes at us. I use the word peace to express my personal state required to weather these events. You might prefer calm or even another word. There isn’t a right or wrong to this scenario. This is about growth and coping with chronic illness.

You may look at this and say “I think this is really crazy, it is not for me.” That is okay too. We are meant to think differently and we are, I believe, meant to learn from hearing each other state how we feel. Then we grow and learn from these situations. We agree to disagree.

We put healthy boundaries in place. We let each other know we expect mutual respect. We never allow others to speak unkindly to us or negatively towards us. There might be a bump or two to clarify a situation, but if we are really honest with ourselves and an event keeps happening repeatedly which creates 1) drama 2)negativity or 3) stress. Then we,I, or you have a decision to make. Does participation continue in either of the 3 aforementioned issues. I usually give too many chances, much more in the past than I do now. I believe it is because of my lack of energy.

Perhaps you have heard of the “Dance of Anger” it feeds off the toxic energy between the two participants. I do not have enough energy to dance with anything or anyone who is pulling my energy from me. It is a matter of self-preservation, at this point in time.

I like analogies and I think about how fire and water react. When a heavy fire comes in contact with water the water will turn into vapor. (Yes, I acknowledge the water is still water in another form..I am speaking of its ability to put out a fire.)

The subtitle of my video refers to fires and water. This is the reason. How large, intense is the fire? How much water is in your reservoir? Are you in your Peace Boat?

Does the fire believe in themselves or are they burning down their house? Have you danced with too much negativity and toxins that the smoke has obliterated your touchstone?

It is better to set your boundaries, remember to not take anything personally, and keep a peaceful atmosphere allllll around you-like a moat- your castle has watchtowers. Doing the preventative steps, and consciously attending to a peaceful atmosphere is amazingly helpful physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. While I am not against taking medication, I am really happy when I can find coping tools which create a the same result as medications. I have a huge “chill pill” by keeping my peaceful atmosphere all around. Internally, externally, and spiritually.

Love and Prayers