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Are you an advocate seeking to do all you can with your spoon/s, literally & figuratively? Mentally digesting (yes, the laughter of visualization of it al!:-)

Functional Gastrointestinal and has Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2019

#FGIMD #Motility #Digestive #HR3396 The International Foundation of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders has a section with guided language of how to request our Congressional Representatives to Cosponsor #HR3396 our Motility Bill in the USA

If you rest your spiritual self in prayer and meditation knowing the comfort of your strength through Him while recognizing it isn’t logically going to mean bing, bang, boom – DONE!, the way Peace His Grace, the immense amount comfort and strength gained by this journey is an undeniable truth.

While each of us chooses his or her own beliefs and does not push nor presume to stand in judgement of anyone, one would be dishonest and negligent of his or her truth to fail to share how divinely peaceful and purposeful the Godwink feels to those who do choose this spiritual journey.

This Godwink is seen in the use of the trinity-3,

6 a here on earth as it is in Heaven,

and 9 an expression of the trinity in its most holiest expression.

Thereby, 3396 feels as amazing as a lil cog could expect to be honored to humbly serve in service of ourselves and others.

If you expand upon this thought 3+3+9+6= 21 – 2+1=3 we seek a single digit. By adding all of the numbers you arrive at the expression or meaning in words. In this instance of

3- the trinity itself tells you to reflect. All advocacy is a about its mission before the intricacies or details or details the cogs seeking to fulfill its goals. Our hands are holding gems, not rocks always precious gems. Our goals for a Motility Bill seeking to attain research for the betterment of our chronic communities leading towards ever improving treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities

What could be more “trinity “ in service for our communities?

Seeking inspiration isn’t difficult.

Some moments, songs, stories, art, metaphors trigger our internal clock/flame more than we can ever explain. It

Seeing congress address one of the original and most important issues in our communities, is like turning on an infinite source of inspiration.

This source then becomes an effective and practical advocacy tools which can motivate us to step up in moments of extreme spoonie outages.

There is never a perfect recipe, nor perfect method. This is a good thing and is the element in successful treatment that is at the heart of advocacy.

Advocacy is the perfect tool for keeping our chronic journey lit spiritually, spicy and regularly infused with new highlights, apps, etc. never a meat & potatoes kind of situation.

Advocacy rejects the “one size fits all” health approach and creates a platform for individual voices to join together thus increasing the learning curve for all.

As we look at ourselves and our many chronic communities our desire to advocate, educate, empower, enlighten, encourage, uplift, inspire, BE brings us closer to our internal chronic clock. It is an inexplicable experience to seek better research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

Yet, we must meet our personal unique requirements for spoons and strength. Yes, the inner storehouse of strength, we require to go from moment to moment. We each advocate in our own way, we each make contributions measured by those internal unique requirements.

The very very first lesson learned/earned in our journey towards finding our self worth, with or without a chronic illness is to never ever measure our worth based upon the comparison of another person’s experience or life. We are each individuals, we each have different personalities, Thank You Jesus, right?

It is this reason, this realization in our maturity, which reveals our first reflection of true wisdom, growth, freedom of self-expression. We can be us!

So, it makes absolute sense we should each find our spoonie, advocate’s voice. There are Gastroparesis Reporters, Mitochondrial Warriors, levels of Social Media Platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, just to touch the largest ones. Not all, by any means…I pray one day I will be sharing a platform reflecting our truest advocacy self.

In this chronic journey, we mature, gain wisdom, realization & reflection to become our unique self in every way.

Therein, it makes sense that this internal clock, ringing in our various communities and platforms would also be similar to our human pathway with our chronic journey added as a layer like our skin covers our body. The only difference is we/ I must give Grace at all times to the lack of spoons available, this isn’t failure, not for you, nor for me. It is a chronic journey, this added layer.

While we may not have postings or be visible online, we were, are, will be there, like the mesentery.

Think of this new discovery made of the mesentery in 2017..Mesentery. The mesentery is a fold of membrane that attaches the intestine to the abdominal wall and holds it in place.

Until 2017 this part of the digestive tract was unknown/ without name. We can’t separate our human journey – from our chronic journey, they are intertwined.

This is the sameness for our advocacy journey with our internal clock seeking better research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities. While we may not have postings or visible online, we were, ourselves first, remembering our silent encouragement for communities, when we are in a spoon rationing/outage is wisdom not failure.

Adversity keeps trying to make our acquaintance, but we keep refusing to shake its hand. dst… this was given to me as a cog in service His Purpose not mine.

As we pray, meditate, biofeedback or whichever path allows you to connect you to your spiritual strength through this life, we must nourish this part of ourselves.

Our physical bodies become weak, in pain, fatigued and need relief. Spiritual healing can give a healing energy that isn’t dependent upon RX but is extremely and helpful when done with continual practice and dedication. Using all three of the aforementioned has been a great benefit. Remember, we are each unique and our healing paths will be unique as well.

Positive, Optimistic, thoughts, Love, Light, Amen, Sēläh all is unconditionally always without judgement /pressure – all with healing love & comfort 🙂

As we step closer towards our green in August then in September #CureGP #Gastroparesis #IBS #FGIMD #HR3396 #MotilityBill in #USA

#CureMito #MitochondrialDisease

#Cures #advocacy #awareness #actions are a blessing

Please remember we are creating the best research , treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities. We need you, your #Warrior advocate recipe add your personal touches lovingly, boldly, uniquely you, because no one . .. no one can do this like you! You have a secret ingredient in you like an old family recipe which no one ever is told outside the family! Except in advocacy, your DNA, your advocacy, your warriorship, your GP Report, your Mitochondrial Report, is exactly the right thing, the blessed, most charismatic, perfect media moment, Oscar, Grammy, Tony, Emmy award winning moment. So special is your advocacy contribution it keeps moving us closer, closer, closer to each of the chronic cures! No matter the name, the label from which we have been diagnosed or will be diagnosed, we are linked together in common purposes.

Think about your advocacy awareness as everything you cannot eat in a regular recipe and pour it into your advocacy recipe journey. May the love of unconditional uplifting positivity with optimism fill each and everyone of you. One thought, word can trigger a change, cure, leading to a moment, a wrinkle in time, you, Yes you! A perfect moment! Leading towards a truth, a change an alternative, alteration of which leads to cures!

No matter the name, the label from which we have been diagnosed or will be diagnosed, we are linked together in common purposes.