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  • Debbie 


What does history mean to you?

I was born in the 60s. I have spent a great deal of time focused on understanding our history in the 1960’s. I am sure I am not alone. Yet it is more than the just the 60’s. We have to go back further to our birth. The birth of our Nation.

Then we have to go to our history with hate. This history isn’t exclusive to any time, location, race, gender, age and/or era.


History – in regard to our US modern era government has two notable moments:

The Nixon Presidency – Watergate (8/8/1974 Nixon Resigns)

The Clinton Presidency – The Starr Report (9/9 /1998 delivered to Congress)


Today’s US modern era governmental moment.

7/24/2019 The Mueller Report

We were able see one of our so-equal branches of government do their jobs.

Healthy debate is one of our constitutional guarantees. I love seeing respectful intelligent debates. Where we do not agree, give facts, then allow the debate to perhaps shift one another’s point of view. We can agree on respect, honesty, integrity in all circumstances. We can agree to disagree on this foundational basis. Our history has slowly moved us to hear each other, not look at physical attributes to decide the “content of our character.” MLK


Russia and The Mueller Report

Russia interfered in our 2016 election. We were told it continues to this day & will in the 2020 election.

During the congressional hearings I had the intense urge to be able to say “Please, Please regard our History- Constitution. Each of you say you respect Director Mueller’s Service, love our country, pledged an oath to serve and protect the words in our constitution. Please do not allow Russia to keep achieving their desired result in regard to their interference in our election process.” Again quoting Director Mueller, “They are doing it as we sit here” “Please listen I wished to say.”

I, of course, couldn’t pause their hearings, stop the divisions, & end the hate. The hate being nurtured & constantly stirred to achieve its desired result.


Hate is being used to further divide us and our humanity.


As if being a republican or democrat were more important than your/ my humanity.


This too Shall Pass