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  • Debbie 

Am I A Human

Am I a human
Before I breathe in
And out I see, hear, feel, am
You, me, us,
Past, present, future
Am I a human
After I breathe in and out
You saw, heard, felt, were
Her, Him, they, them,
Bleeding inside and out
Am, are, have, will, we
Be human
Empathy, history
Testimony stands
Recording all
Past, present, future generations
Yes, humans
Breathe in and
Out Choices – tick tock by the clock
– Eternity
What will be your recording
My recording, their recordings
Testimonials of History
What will they say
What will I say
What will we do
What will we do
Empathy in
And out
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
In and out
The record will be clear.

What was is, what will be is….what we are is, what we are doing is our present quickly becoming our history. We have a diamond in our hands, its brilliance in testimony encompassing our future generations by our choices of present actions. Speaking our truth empowers ourselves and others to create a better quality of life and care for all no matter their journey. Whether it is a human journey linked with chronic illnesses or anything else each adversity overcome by advocacy creates another gem in our warrior crown. A cog in service on a spiritual path of service, whether a believer or other spiritual journey, we all step higher/forward with Grace, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Peace, Goodness, Self-Control, Faith, Love for all.