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  • Debbie 

Chronic Journey 12-2-2019

Chronic Journey

• Every Chronic Journey is Different simply complex by our DNA

• Humanity begins at our chromosome completion, BUT

• with incurable, invisible, illnesses with a genetic component

• Our chronic/human journey begins an unfolding – or not

• Within the parameters & paradigms of infinite variables

• They exist within our own ancestral heritage <-> blood maternal & paternal

• Here is the simple & complex as we branch out into our chronic communities

• Every single chronic journey with identical diagnoses can present symptoms which vary from person to person with the same blood which then respond differently to the exact same suggested treatment protocol. Mind you, this treatment protocol is a suggested protocol of best practices for the most successful treatment of incurable illnesses without a cure.

• Now apply this scenario to the millions seeking the ultimate goal of research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

• You will note, we have not yet named a diagnosis/es nor specific illness/es.

• Suffering from a chronic illness which is incurable does not require specificity to be empathetic to the suffering of infants, young, children, of all ages, all genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. incurable illnesses/genetic illnesses do NOT choose families NOR any one individual as opposed to another…understanding the DNA 🧬 with research towards treatments and cures explains why one generation is healthy & another is not. We can then further explain why two children are ill and one is not. This type of research saves the lives of the future generations. We can unlock the key of the neurons and their value. It sounds simple, but as I said, it is complex.

• Illnesses are not a curse because of “bad deeds.” As many will consult their past histories to recall suffering, and chronic illnesses has always been a part of our human journey. While staying within the fact framework- stress & unkindness pushes & weakens. Peace & love strengthens & builds our lives. Learning the love language early for self & others physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually sustains all.

• Do we choose to see, hear, feel, our humanity? Do we do unto others as we would have done unto us?

• If we do, then we act with a single purpose for our greater good.

• #1ForAll_All4One

• Or any other hashtag which feels like it speaks moves us towards cures for all.

• The research, treatments, quality of life and care #QOL #QOC while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

As always advocating with unconditional love and unconditional healing thoughts for comfort and strength to all 🙂