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How & Why We Become A Quote

Why Words Become Qoutes

Which & by What Circumstances do words take flight in our minds, hearts, and imagination?

They become the stalwarts of past, present and future generations to pull out and remind us all of who we were, are and will continue to thrive as humans.

Personally, I believe every good thought reaches back into our shared histories of quotes to begin our present conversation.

How would we ever begin to reflect our knowledge without an understanding of our cornerstone. Do you know where your sapphire is?

Whether they are from an immigrant, scholar, doctor, pastor, slave, lawyer, president, homemaker, philosopher, potter, artist, scientist, or baker. Inspiration does not discriminate.

These priceless moments belong to us all. They are our shared human journey, even when we disagree about their weight or influence, meaning or countenance upon our political differences past and future they still hold the key to intellectual higher awareness because they brought us through our shared histories across time.

If we live in America, or anywhere else, we live in a nation/world standing upon great sacrifices and brilliant intellect. We have vast resources to open our minds and hearts to see the links as to why this appreciation grows upon reflection and then we find brilliance in all great cultures, once we reflect and place ourselves, empathically to stand in their shoes.

Every opportunity to see others, as we would wish to be seen, creates a greater appreciation, awareness, and conversation. Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Jesus, Tolstoy, C.S. Lewis, Mother Theresa, Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, (everyday this list would shift.. it is infinitely endless)

(As an early figure of the movement for the equal rights of Mexican Americans.) “I am Joaquin” a boxer, activist, poet, mixed heritage, like so many of us in America, connected to ur unique truth! A perfect link to the next Mexican- American Cesar Chavez. Some Americans may remember President Obama mentioning Mr Chavez, Dr Martin Luther King, and Gandhi during his campaign in 2007/8 Senator Obama whose father was from Kenya Africa and mother (white) from Kansas, United States. He was raised by his maternal grandparents in Hawaii with his mother. His father was never in his life. He was born in Hawaii. I believe he referred to this during speeches, but also in his book. “Dreams From My Father” or “The Audacity of Hope.”

Cesar Chavez (1927–93). Building on his experiences as a farmworker and community organizer in the barrios of Oakland and Los Angeles, Chavez did what many thought impossible—organize the most vulnerable Americans, immigrant farmworkers, into a successful union, improving conditions for California’s lettuce and grape pickers. Founded in the 1960s, the United Farm Workers pioneered the use of consumer boycotts, enlisting other unions, churches and students to join in a nationwide boycott of nonunion grapes, wine and lettuce. Chavez led demonstrations, voter registration drives, fasts, boycotts and other nonviolent protests to gain public support. The UFW won a campaign to enact California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Act, which Governor Jerry Brown signed into law in 1975, giving farmworkers collective bargaining rights they lacked (and still lack) under federal labor law. The UFW inspired and trained several generations of organizers who remain active in today’s progressive movement.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962) was born to privilege but became one of the most visible social activists of her generation. She used her prominence as first lady to advocate for reform, giving visibility to movements for workers’ rights, women’s rights and civil rights and pushing FDR and his advisers to support progressive legislation. She held press conferences and voiced her opinions in radio broadcasts and a regular newspaper column. She visited coal mines, slums and schools to draw attention to the plight of the disadvantaged and to lobby for reform laws. Her resignation from the Daughters of the American Revolution—to protest its ban on black singer Marian Anderson performing at Constitution Hall—made a controversial and powerful statement for racial justice. In 1948, as a delegate to the United Nations, she helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which affirmed equality for all people regardless of race, creed or color.

Footnote: Theses entries are from —>>>

The Fifty Most Influential Progressives of the Twentieth Century

The radical ideas of one generation become the common sense of the next. Here, Peter Dreier honors the people who moved progressive ideas in America from the marginal to the mainstream.

It is far from enough. I hope many will go back and read the entries. I have been researching a worldwide list, yet to find the perfect site to fulfill our perfect need.

It is in this moment, I reflect upon how far we have come, how many have died, paid the ultimate price for our better moment, second, minute, 1/2 hour, hour, day! PRESIDENT J.F.KENNEDY, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ROBERT KENNEDY, MALCOM X, DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR! So so so, many others paid the price of human rights, our human righteousness – to be our best selves! We are human beings filled with gratitude, compassion, empathy, knowledge, edification towards fulfilling The Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. We fought a Civil War. We do not wish to be plundered back into hate and division by feckless hatred and division through ignorance/disrespect of our shared histories

These words express our appreciation well.

Many historians, including Howard Zinn in his classic A People’s History of the United States and Eric Foner in The Story of American Freedom, have chronicled the story of America’s utopians, radicals and reformers. Every generation needs to retell this story, reinterpret it and use it to help shape the present and future. Unless Americans know this history, they’ll have little understanding of how far we’ve come, how we got here and how progress was made by a combination of grassroots movements and reformers.

There is not a foregone conclusion to our Great American Experiment in Democracy our Republic “If we can keep it,”

This is not a blue or red experiment, but one in humanity. The republic of our democracy is at stake by striking at our sacred foundations. In a blatant attempt to tear us apart, shred our constitution, feed upon the lower nature, old thoughts and behaviors. We have left the civil war, the klu klux klan, arian nation, and white supremacy along with the old symbols.

It isn’t to say, we are unaware of that old devil, it is too say we have left its trash in the trash bins with those who wish to “play – put on costumes, create tv show’s about that old thief in the night. We understand its little foxes and place it in its proper place.”

We choose to look toward the higher road of all good things with goodwill for the betterment of all. The higher angels of our nature, those who know the unbounded possibilities which have always met and gone beyond our wildest dreams when embraced, supported, encouraged, inspired, in the light of our better day! Yes we have done, are attempting to do, we can do & we will do.

When joined together with like minds, we are an unstoppable force. Where 2 or more are gathered. Those 2 reach out to 2 more and then 2 more of like minds etc. creating like minded warriors ready for better = quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities regardless of chronic illnesses with or without pain – no chronic warrior should be suffering while suffering with malnutrition- dehydration- constipation- diarrhea- vomiting- nausea- debilitating fatigue- [sometimes the motility issues (diagnoses are gastroparesis, chronic pseudo-obstruction syndrome, colonic inertia-1999)are combined with other chronic illnesses like mitochondrial disease or dysautonomia-POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Do you have a day which sees each day in advocacy?






What does 7 mean to you? When advocacy speaks 24/7/365

#SeeYou #HearYou #FeelYou #AreYou in some way either through knowing your #Chronic journey or as a family, friend, or human being in empathy. Everyone deserves to be able to thrive by eating & absorbing their nutrients to sustain their lives. Everyone deserves a quality of life with a functioning digestive tract which will expel its own waste or live without incontinence. Everyone deserves a quality of life and care of being believed when debilitating fatigue and chronic intestinal pain with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, repetitive dehydration, all present in an adult woman with a loss of bowel control similar to a baby, all deserve to be believed without an automatic assumption of anxiety or depression. The only link to mental distress is the stress created by the lack of knowledge which impedes a diagnosis. Thereby quickening the process towards treatment to healing then perhaps a return to a semblance of productivity. While realistically there will not be a return

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We are now on 12-7-2019


Regardless of our day of week -online or offline-we are still always advocating 24/7/365