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  • Debbie 

Speaking of 2020

Speaking of 2020

Reflecting on 2019- not bypassing our present moment, but anticipating our humanity in our truth through prayer.

Do you seek guidance beyond self? If so, what interpretation does 2020 give to you? As I look at the numerical single meaning of 2+0+2+0 =4 the meaning of 4 to many is Love, I wouldn’t disagree. My additional thought would be the visual of standing before the cross symbolically and in reality. The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit while seeing yourself standing as the 4th with the trinity. An entire year of loving testimony with each and every one of us, here on earth as it is in Heaven, all cogs in service. #1ForAll_All4One every human journey speaking & empowering each other 24/7/365.

While I know everyone doesn’t approach life through the same spiritual path, it is this same grace and unconditional love which elevates us all regardless of our beliefs. We can meet each in other In unconditional love whilst never judging our path, only egos and human beings create blockades in relationships.

Whereas love never defines conditions on empowering each other to lift each other’s minds and hearts. As we grow/mature – some are born knowing there isn’t a criteria on loving and supporting each other- “old souls” but most acquire our deeply cherished understanding of view of unconditional love and support. Just as there isn’t a criteria for creating a patient treatment plan with incurable illnesses between patients and doctors. The only “criteria” is do no harm, their hippocratic oath. Aren’t we all saying the same thing? Do no harm, do unto others as we would have done unto us, unconditional love and support, we are all echoing the same compassionate, empathetic path regardless of spiritual beliefs. #1ForAll_All4One