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  • Debbie 

#SeeYouSunday 12/8/2019

#1ForAll_All4One #AdvocacyOverAdversity #Positivity #Optimism lead us through our #Chronic journey #Motility digestive diseases & #mitochondrialdisease millions w/ layers of #incurable #invisible #illnesses know their our truth empowers us & others to seek research, treatments, quality of life & care while seeking cures for our chronic communities It is the chronic truth of all chronic communities -regardless of the diagnosis or illnesses or type of incurable illnesses we each seek to end the suffering to empower all forward. Both of these acts will move us forward w/ a request of cosponsors in each congressional district – your support in this request could potentially begin a life altering set events for millions suffering yes, millions!!!! #HR3396 #FGIMD research enhancement act of 2018/19 @digestivehealthmatters #HR2501 medical nutrition equity act of 2019 @umdf #MedMito2019

This was the instagram post for today.

The best present for advocacy, an advocate, loved one, friend, or family friend of a anyone diagnosed with incurable, invisible, illnesses would be an ask of cosponsors in every congressional district for each of the bills listed.

Speaking personally from the standpoint of a lived chronic journey of more than a few years, feeling completely blessed by life to live. There isn’t stress about any “traditional role” into the holidays. Releasing the expectations and knowing love and time are priceless moments we enjoy everything. The unique moments unfold without expectations of any traditional celebrations. Redraw all of the “have to’s.” Do what energy allows and the rest is perfect. Whatever happens in whatever package it comes in, it is perfect in its imperfections.

We – those we love –everyone– create our unique journey to celebrate every moment . 24/7/365

Everyone with our unconditional love and support within in its unconditional support w/healing prayers/thoughts for comfort and strength today +++++ infinitely overlap circles

#MotilityMitoMonday sometimes our lives are as slow externally as we are internally.

#HR3396 #FGIMD the research enhancement act of 2018/19

#HR2501. The medical nutrition equity act of 2019

While it may seem easy to say we choose positivity and optimism on the chronic journey. It is about much, much, much, much more, as we all know when we work through any issues placed in front of us.

Whether it is the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a life we once thought we would live. We choose which tools we will use to battle through our human/ chronic journey. As each of us strive to be our best self, it is our self through reflection of who we are which determines how and which steps we use on our journey. In Grace, we all choose the path we will
Or will not travel.