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  • Debbie 

The PeaceBoat Perception

The PeaceBoat Perception

Everything, every moment of our journey is seen, felt, heard, and unconditionally accepted for ourselves and others by this perception.

As we traverse our lives we are comforted by our spirit in our physical journey. What does our spirit-mental, emotional, or an additional layer/s of spiritual comfort through a meditative-prayer- biofeedback- state contribute to this peaceful awareness on our journey?

Let’s put forth a universal truth, which has been documented, taught, researched, in universities over time. A belief, faith, positive energy, keeping ourselves in a less stressful environment without toxic energy along while weeding out negativity creates an environment which allows for a better opportunity of healing.

A prime example of this is a person with high blood pressure. If they were placed in an environment of arguing and high stress with a blood pressure cuff on their arm, you would have a documented case of physical symptoms correlated to stress.

Another example is a person with acid reflux – their esophageal reflux being a chronic issue. This person would give an account of how an argument or high stress environment increases their acid reflux. The toxins and toxicity of the environment would indeed impact digestive tract. The results would be documented during a EGD. Overtime continual acid reflux can lead to even more serious illnesses. We all know stress and negativity are physical triggers. There are indeed cases of positivity and faith creating a documented healing results. Our spiritual- spirit- emotional- mind set is a direct correlation to our physical bodies.

Using biofeedback, being trained to apply biofeedback reinforces the factual knowledge with truth of how connected our bodies- physical beings are to our emotions. As I went through my initial training, learning how to raise my heart rate and blood pressure then conversely lower my heart rate and lower my blood pressure it was truly a revelation.

Biofeedback training begins with short segments of time bringing your pressure and heart rate up then down. Each session is teaching you to gradually become more in control of your breathing and your body’s response to your emotions.

It was actually very hard for me to raise my blood pressure and heart rate. I had to become angry. I am not normally an angry person. It was a very difficult, hard process, initially to learn. Yet, it proved very beneficial.

When we are weeding out our negativity/stress, learning how to see ourselves through adversity. We all seek to thrive on our journey regardless of the words chosen to express our truth.

It is the perception of a question who, what, where, why, how, amongst us all when the truth has been achieved by unconditionality. The blessings of security given in big love a special grace and peace healings all seek when traversing adversities.

These adversities are older than time and generations. We meet their questions with unconditionality. It is the truth which inspires, educates, enlightens, encourages, empowers all. #1ForAll_All4All

We are not old, young, male, female, socioeconomically bound to any continent, married, single…

We could be you or your loved one at any moment

The incurable, invisible, suffering belong to us all. #1ForAll_All4One