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  • Debbie 

What Does Your Tummy Feel Like Today?

Spinach or Kale Burgers 🍔

Sometimes we can only do liquids, a premier protein shake, (again not an endorsement just happens to be the one which checks my boxes on low energy days. When I do not have ready made Vitamix ingredients ready to blend) semi-soft, or a bit of something else. The anti-reflux easy- very -little spoons of Greek yogurt- lime sherbet- bit of sugar free soda- well blended recipe cup of semi-soft is just a fast example for those not on TPN.

Choosing the something else with vitamins to repair our constant malnutrition deficits is always a challenge.

Remember recipes are a blueprint made to guide us not a gospel.

• 1 bag of thawed and well drained chopped spinach (or kale)

• 2 egg whites

• 1 whole egg

• 1/4 c diced onion (optional)

• 1/2 c shredded cheese (perhaps parmesan – feta cheese- think in terms of our digestive journey…)

• 1/2 c bread crumbs – option of Italian bread crumbs is available to us.

• 1 tsp red pepper flakes (optional could be replaced with another ingredient)

• 1 tsp salt (perhaps sea salt)

• 1/2 tsp garlic powder


1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

2. Shape into patties and cook over medium high heat in a non stick skillet with a small amount of cooking spray.

3. Patties are done when they are golden and firm.

4. (About 4-6 minutes ) freeze extra patties between wax paper in a ziplock bag

When we prep spinach or kale for these burgers or smoothies it is always about the building of our nutritional status. Our mitochondrial malabsorption factors into my equation. I am not alone in trying to keep a chronic journey afloat holistically. It is moment by moment, we try to balance our lives both with energy and strength, choosing to empower ourselves and others. Our truth we share for the betterment of us all, varies in symptoms, in response to treatments, in our ability to digest & absorb nutrients, hydration- dehydration widely varies, malnutrition varies, time in each chronic phase widely on the level of w/ scale of pain experienced

ALWAYS trying to be cognizant of the creeping dehydration and malnutrition chronic impact upon our journey. Be kind to yourself and others always. Whatever version of nutritional you, you are doing be assured you are not alone. Whether it is your chronic journey of calories or constipation being fulfilled there are others cheering you on. We understand there are no perfect answers. Where one solution provides a great solution it may come with a few options another warrior wouldn’t choose for their own path. Yet, we can also see the benefits involved if we hear the chronic entire story.

Those who know the pain and suffering of constipation know what it means to find an answer which doesn’t involve prescriptions or enemas. This is the rest of the chronic story. Attaining nutrition with digestive movement/motility from an intestinal tract which is malfunctioning. What is the key for one warrior (variables) isn’t the key (treatment/s) even holistically for another warrior. Together though we can achieve as much quality of life as possible while speaking with one voice towards our research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

Regardless of our chronic journey or our diagnosis/es because so many of us are layers of chronic illnesses.

Our truths empower ourselves and others towards our common chronic goals. Unconditionally speaking #1ForAll_All4One

Below is a Yoo-hoo & a REBBL drink showing their nutritional facts. Again neither is a endorsement nor recommendation, but a presentation of information. Sharing information from our chronic community about what works or helps our warriors through a day helps us all.

These are packets of mushroom powder to add to either a green smoothie or teas. Also a research for nutritional clarity, energy, and sleep/ relaxation similar to chamomile in progress. Again not an endorsement nor a suggestion– always check with your doctors about combining any new supplements with current medication or diagnosis/es.