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  • Debbie 

#2020Motility Cures

#2020 #Motility #GP #Cures

Speak your truth, chronicle your chronic journey, empowering yourself & others towards research & treatments regardless of our level of paralysis, symptoms, response to available treatments. We all deserve a quality of life & care while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

Have you found your own way to this different version of yourself? We all will naturally grow, learn, stretch, reflect as we move through our lives with maturity. At least we hope and pray we do not fossilize ourselves into a rapid process of stone from a matter of adversity met in the gait of unmovable stagnation. Petrified wood isn’t a good visual nor state of being when in truth we are in states of adhesions calcifying inside us due to too many paths on our chronic journey. Small love is akin to love appearing to love unconditionally, unmovable, untested small narrowed through her channels. Never experiencing the expanse of seas unexplored, unseen, unschooled by its choke down, an inability to swallow at the very beginning of digestive tract journey.

We usually do not even break, nor even begin our breakage on the chronic journey in the same place nor the same way.

It often feels like someone or something is playing a bad prank, medically on us. We will see an April’s fool joke on any month of an illusion of healing, perhaps even more than once. Thinking an answer has been found and we begin again in different way.

It is a sneaky, tricky, devil of a situation. In years past it might have taken 8-12 years to find the answer to what was going on inside of us. H.R. 3396

The Functional Gastrointestinal Motility Disorder #FGIMD research enhancement act of 2018/19 its original sponsor is Rep Jim Sensenbrenner #HR3396

Yet it did, step by step, example by example, this love met its smallness anchorage achieved by the lil her

The root cause of my chronic illnesses which were diagnosed in 1999 is mitochondrial disease along with dysautonomia #POTS

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

2010 diagnosed after an escalation of progression with chronic symptoms combined with additional testing and a muscle biopsy.

When we speak of our chronicle on our chronic journey to empower ourselves and others seeking cosponsors on legislation like H.R. 2501 the medical nutrition equity act of 2019 #MedMito2019 it is absolutely influenced by our chronic journey and all of those who have come before us past, present, & our generations to come. Here is my critical factor. We are truly blessed by our opportunity to do, to use our lives, to empower ourselves and others — attain the possible for those yet to be born or still so young now. We want them to live their best life without suffering, pain, or debilitating fatigue in too many moments or ways to mention. It is these variables, the unknown, the unexpected we choose to eliminate through advocacy & our #2020Motility journey to #Cures #1ForAll_All4One our chronicle of chronic journey is yours we truly do #SeeYou #HearYou #FeelYou #AreYou encourage you to #BeYou

It is our advocacy from the smallest of places which can make the most priceless impact in this advocacy journey. We invite you to see your chronic journey as a chronicle as large, no larger than anything we can possibly conceive…now enlarge it ten times larger… now fold it in half and then imagine you are pumping up an entire universe. Still it is larger than that!

You are the #SuperAdvocate! Every post, like, share, and social media platforms you touch creates 2020 more and gives spoons with them. How you ask? It is #2020Motility it is our time for #Cures therein there are are #SuperAdvocates you are the #SuperAdvocate a Warrior like no other unique unto yourself! Let’s begin! Chronic chronicling of our chronic journey is what we are doing on #2020Motility #Cures