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  • Debbie 

Thankful Thursday -Advocacy Options

This site does a very good job of explaining the difference between the fistula graft and the HeRo graft. Thanks to the chronic community who required options for dialysis we have benefited from their vast experience. Whilst many chronic illnesses layer over each other it is rare, but not as rare as it should be & though not impossible for a warrior to be battling against kidney disease & motility- digestive disease with other incurable illnesses requiring IV access. Many patients with chronic illnesses require IV access, some require access to live. Therein access can be life and death. Here is where the advocacy for our communities can help greatly. Many of the motility digestive tract issues which involve chronic dehydration and malnutrition cannot be underscored nor understated. So many of our chronic warriors have had to pray, hold their collective breath while dedicated IV teams try to place or find a vein. This is very, very, very difficult in someone who is dehydrated or their veins are out, blow, roll, etc. The IV teams try, then often end up trying in some warriors feet, then in other places.

Access is very important to hydration, treatments, and nutrition when a motility digestive tract is broken. A failure to thrive increases when you are unable to access and deliver the necessary protocol to keep a warrior thriving and hydrated.

The use of hydration fluids with IV antiemetics can stop a cycle of dehydration.

I cannot emphasize the importance of stopping dehydration!!! Every time we dehydrate our organs are being degraded each time we dehydrate on our chronic journey it takes away from our lifespan. While the constant dehydration roller coaster is doing irreparable damage to our organs brain, heart, lungs, … scarring us physically emotionally mentally. Each time we continue to lose our nutritional ground and dehydrate on our chronic journey we have less of a buffer zone to maneuver through on each crisis.

Access, guarding our organs and health zone is essential for our chronic journey.

Interrupting dehydration through access undeniably increases our quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic communities.

Every day of #2020Motility is a moment by moment truth empowering ourselves and others with action and advocacy.

Every single moment we choose to act upon or learn about is the same amount we share with our chronic communities.

Access is a very very big deal in every chronic community. Access to our doctors, access to our medical records, access to our physical health and nutrition. We must be diligent in every area while often not having the energy to deal with our daily life.

As I close this thought I do so with virtual spoons to all unconditionally comfort and strength today +++++

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