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  • Debbie 

Jan 11, #2020Motility

Each moment of #2020Motility advocacy is chronicling our chronic journey with thoughtful clarity. 24/7/365 our combined truth empowers us all to research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic communities. Regardless of our chronic motility issues and their root causes & however they may overlap in layers. We speak together saying your advocacy is my advocacy! Your pain is my pain! Your success is my success! Your loss is my loss! Your set backs are our set backs! Your flaws are our flaws! Every single moment we experience division moving us away from our unity – we feel you! We see you! We hear you! We are you! Encourage you to be you! We understand how situations, may require distances because certain spaces include drama – >> drama our bodies cannot tolerate. (When we say “cannot tolerate” there are levels of reaction – just as there are variations in paralysis. We can break out in whelps, like an allergic reaction on our skin externally and react internally w/ blood pressure, heart rate, acid reflux, diarrhea, vomiting, migraines all ina response to toxicity-stress)

We understand all of the intricacies involved in our myriad of communities. This is not that. This is not throwing away our solutions because we don’t like color the building which supports the doors. When they open, we begin our long awaited research advocated for by our advocacy groups, RIP warriors, non-profit advocates, advocate legends, I cannot begin to name all of those past & present who are leading us to this very real opportunity! I hope you are encouraged, motivated, enlightened, inspired in any small way. It would be a blessing beyond compare if this were to be the outcome 🙂 a cog in service humbly honored extending unconditional support with comfort and strength today +++++ 🙂


#Cures #CureGP #CureMito #CurePOTS #ChronicJourney #GPReporters #Warriors #ShareASpoonSaturday