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  • Debbie 

Mitochondrial Disease #HR2501 w/#HR3396 #FGIMD

Medical nutrition equity act of 2019

#MedMito2019 #MitochondrialDisease the nonprofit organization working as an advocate for and with those who have been impacted by mitochondrial disease along with their underlying chronic illnesses created by mito malfunctioning. the nonprofit organization working as an advocate for and with advocates who have motility digestive tract issues and the layers of chronic illnesses impacted by them.

#HR3396 is #FGIMD Research enhancement act of 2018/19 #CureGP #Gastroparesis #FGIMD

#2020Motility advocacy #Cures4Chronic #1ForAll_All4One

This RX of a mito cocktail combination suggestion was given to me in 2011. I was told to (after my muscle biopsy confirming mitochondrial malabsorption) cut out sugar, do small meals every few hours w/nutrition focused on B’s – like in greens-spinach etc. vitamin C, D, & E with protein & less carbohydrates, more calcium, cheese, (side note: for whatever reason I can do aged cheeses even though I can’t do “dairy” , but I can’t do large amounts of aged cheese because of migraines. Yes, I forgot to add the nutritional challenge of migraine triggers. I was steaming my spinach in some great rice vinegar and vinaigrette’s. I had to stop due to their migraine trigger) The combination of gastroparesis, chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction syndrome, colonic inertia, liquids to semi-soft- consistency required.. with two surgical obstructions in rear view mirror of my motility past history and daily challenge to keep my body moving despite its lack of motility.) dietary factors/restrictions with lactose intolerance along with mitochondrial nutrition suggestions made an interesting nutritional challenge, to say the least. The protein shake which best fit into my nutritional needs & low spoons required an answer. Premier Protein best checked the boxes. Again this is not an endorsement, but a share of knowledge with information found on the chronic journey while chronicling our truths to empower ourselves and others towards our best life while seeking research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities. We all come to this chronic journey with variables of symptoms w/ varying diagnosis/diagnoses layers along with response/responses or lack thereof to treatments available for all of these variables. Yet we all seek the exact same goal of a best life with the ultimate goal of cures to our incurable illnesses. This we stand united in for ourselves, our loved ones, friends, family, anyone suffering from needless suffering chronically due to incurable illnesses. We all know the research, treatments, quality of life and care we seek for our chronic communities is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY AND POSSIBLE– in ADDITION TO THIS -WE KNOW WITH OUR COMBINED UNITY OF VOICE WITH CLARITY IT CAN BE ACHIEVED 110% !!!! No one who advocates for the chronic community has any doubts at all we will be able to achieve our goal. This is the frustrating part about our mission, but it is the most inspirational aspect of our advocacy at the same time!

We can, we will, succeed! As soon as the first element of our goal is achieved–—RESEARCH– RESEARCH-RESEARCH – Yes!!! Research will be done and connected nationwide. Its priceless information will begin to illuminate our way. Then the value of it will be seen worthy enough to open the connections to our worldwide network in research. Because this is about all lives! Not just lives on one continent or zip code, but all lives! When we save or cure one, we cure us all! And we will create #Cures! #CureGP #CureMito (if the mitochondrial disease cures find their breakthrough and they will! It unlocks the doors to so many chronic illnesses and their cures!) #CurePOTS #Cures4Chronic #14All_All4One

Just as we advocate for all, we will see cures for all.

The beauty of seeing, hearing, feeling, and encouraging ourselves and others is we can truly understand the truth of empowering all.

We wouldn’t amputate our ears and arms then say okay lets continue our journey. Y’all can continue. You won’t be able to hear the audibles, nor will you will you be able contribute towards most shares without your arms, but by all means let’s continue our journey.

No, we do handicap ourselves in the most important chronic journey -advocacy chronic journey. We are seeking to empower, inspire, enlighten, educate, encourage, motivate, ourselves and others millions to speak our truths towards our common mission of research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities. Please #BeYou #Share #Advocate #Speak your #Truth #GPTruth #MitoTruth #POTSTruth #ChronicTruth to power to #Empower ourselves and others towards #Cures #CureGP #CureMito #CurePOTS #Cures4Chronic #1ForAll_All4One

We #SeeYou #HearYou #FeelYou #AreYou while everyone of you have your own unique journey, we encourage you to #BeYou in whatever way, in whichever way, is your advocacy journey way online, offline … in the contribution to your conversation towards your best life for yourself or a loved one, friend, family, or in empathy for the injustice of suffering of incurable illnesses. We encourage your voice #1ForAll_All4One #Cures