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  • Debbie 


Why say share a spoon when most of us on a chronic journey live with a deficit of spoons? The reason is the special chronic key many advocate chronic warriors have found along the way. The gift we share gives us back so much more in return. We live lives, so many of us, lifted by a spiritual path enhancing our physical journey. Our faith, peace, love, grace, joy, patience, comfort and strength all directly linked together.

Many of us utilize meditation, biofeedback, and prayer with our treatment plans. Our treatment paths include both western and eastern philosophies for prescriptive treatment. We are all one-of-kind DNA unique. Why wouldn’t our holistic approach with traditional clinical treatments produce the best quality of life and care in an individualized treatment plan? While we continue to seek our ultimate goal of cures our chronic version of multi-tasking.

Here is how many of us find our special key. In our pursuit of knowledge, support, information, and education we often follow our empathy of humanity. We cannot leave our fellow warriors alone who are in the battle and are most certainly not alone. They are seen, heard & felt — very much encouraged to be themselves! We want to motivate every single chronic warrior, every human being to be their best self, know they are not judged, cherished, appreciated, worthy, have value now! They do not have to do anything to meet a requirement or change in anyway. Isn’t it a great feeling to not have to pause and reflect before saying, taking a picture, choosing an outfit, or accessories, whatever it is that might give you or I pause .., the opinions of others are an expression of another person’s reality. (Not my original thought – from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz)

If, at any moment, you pause with any scenario and hear any thoughts or opinions in something you are creating, then you know of what I speak.

The burden and blessing of social media platforms is exponentially magnified in the point I am explaining. When I am writing this post, I know there are many who are asking a many questions. The most prominent question or point I had to address and still honestly deal with periodically is the empathetic response or trigger. How do I post something responsibly, when I know my empathic self can feel a response here, here, here, x,y,z.

The chronic struggle of the chronic journey with being free from all opinions leads me here. As a person of Faith and prayer I often pray about a writing until I have complete peace and clarity.

Always I return the truth that each word or thought will be accountable to only one. I never seek to harm, but I do not need to justify this ever. I hesitate even here, but there are very few mind readers. As I said, the only one I am accountable to didn’t need to read this, I decided one writing would documentation enough.

How do I ultimately decide about a post through a process of peaceful PeaceBoat prayer? I ask myself about its value with advocacy peace, positivity, & optimism. Speaking from truth empowering ourselves and others.

Does it further our continuing


*increase our patient access to medical support,

*increase individual treatment protocol plans as a necessity, and

*move us closer to the national/global research network

*Initiate treatment plans for each patient

*begin clinical trials based from treatment plans towards cures

#ShareASpoonSaturday may your day be filled with comfort & strength on your chronic journey. Even though I have been on this journey awhile I’m learning new things all the time. If you sip teas for energy or relaxation you may want to try a new honey- Manuka. There are many many types of teas and powdered mushrooms which can address or enhance nutritional issues like “focus and spark your mind for brilliant cognitive function. Health food for your brain to inspire clarity, creativity & mood. Regenerate nerve health, Lion’s Mane is reported in many studies to stimulate the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein that promotes the growth and normal function of nerve cells.

The mushroom powders are not food and drug administration evaluated.

I read, researched, slowly introduced a small amount of the mushroom powder in a tea I knew did cause me any difficulty to sip over a four hour period of time. I personally had to take into consideration my diagnoses of motility issues, migraines, dysautonomia,

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome POTS, & mitochondrial malabsorption medications, /consulted my doctors. Still I carefully added only a small amount over a month to see if there any significant change. Whether there is or I want to be, the result has been the same. There has been some improvement. Malnutrition with the fog of confusion is hateful chronic aspect of the chronic journey. It creeps in to our world. While we are doing our best to survive, that sneaky little devil is building up and or tearing down sometimes faster than we can right our PeaceBoat. Our spiritual journey can be flying high, but our physical boat with its reservoir in deep deficit can be in jeopardy. The moment we begin to have issues thinking, struggling for words, recalling facts, dates, or things we should remember these are all malnutrition RED FLAGS . They are indicators of something awry. It may take weeks to months to correct the situation.

Being blessed by the knowledge of knowing what is happening. Understanding our chronic journey doesn’t make us immune from its impact upon our own chronic reality.

As I give thanks for the blessing of my new port, the miracle I have been given with my 11th chance. I choose to share my spoons in advocacy in awareness with all of you. Being given this port placement in its pocket in the pectoral muscle on 1/20/2020 was another lifeline. While I must wait two weeks for it to heal and then hopefully see its success of operation on 2/4/2020. My next step will be to remove the PICC line from right arm before it comprises the access on my right side. Everything is about baby steps. Enjoying today, our right now. This way we don’t miss our joy breathing in and out. While I research the special blend of sips I like and share them with y’all I hope it inspires y’all to look around and find your special blend.

Note: I began with the Lion’s Mane Four Sigmatic mushroom powder elixir but switched to the Om Lion’s Mane organic mushroom powder