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  • Debbie 

#ChronicTime #ChronicClock

#ChronicTime #ChronicClock

We move on our own unique time. Every#Spoonie #ChronicWarrior knows our time segments are not equal to real-time. A 48 hour segment of time may be = 2week segment. Every chronic journey/warrior is unique unto themselves with untold variables. There is no guilt, pressure, judgement, expectations, only unconditional love and support for every single human being on a journey of survival in their truth empowering themselves & others in whatever way they choose in their use of their precious priceless chronic time on the chronic clock. #ChronicTime #ChronicClock

The manner they seek to advocate from to enhance our awareness, access to patient care with medical care towards better treatments and a quality of life and care is completely their unique expression.

We all seek research to better inform ourselves and our medical teams. Our teams require the research to determine our treatment protocols. This in turn provides feedback from us to rejuvenate the research with pertinent information allowing us to move forward. We move closer to our ultimate goal of cures for all our chronic illnesses.

We are truly sojourners of solidarity speaking with one voice! There are millions on a unique chronic journey, without ever having consulted with each other, we beat a drum of advocacy towards research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic communities.

Here is an example of what I am speaking about. After surgery I was told I could shower 48 hrs after, but on my #ChronicClock the 2 day -48 hrs = equivalence was 192 hrs #ChronicTime moves differently when our energy deficit runs in the negative. Therefore when we factor into any activity it not only depends upon our spoons but our particular #ChronicClock We each move through our moments uniquely in this chronic journey.

#NoGuilt #NoPressure #NoExpectations #NoJudgement live your best life every single moment of your journey! Peace, comfort, strength, love, and support to empower ourselves and others through self care.