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  • Debbie 

Why I Love

Why I Love

on the journey

It’s a breath we take towards a day

An evolved day

an encompassing move we pray

How we will speak when addressing every aspect

about any possible situation

it is this breath we breathe

The slightest of a response

we will qualify with only our name in conversation

we are or are not on a manhunt

If it is not so, let our blessings flow

Every breath should make it so

Yes, yes, we breathe, blessings we pray upon us all,

we will not leave it to be a punt

For a future day

to see the question

We must ask

In all circumstances

Take us out of an old box

Unintentionally intent with its intentionality

Old roads are paved, re-paved, & resurfaced with their single route intact

Humanity will take itself into a vortex of division

left to continually reapply a lie

Yes, yes, yesterday, yesterday’s past inhaled and exhaled

Allow the old wounds and fears

We, we, yes we, breathe life into those old boogie boos, to the point of tears

boogie-bogeys -bears,

ghosts, lions, tigers, and bears

Oh my, we do whip the frenzy, the chaos,

Begin the repeat, rinse, wash, & repeat – those ominous gears

Say my name, say my name, like “Destiny’s Child,” –

no more- of the equivalence to passing on our rich heritage

This is not the same as filling out a wanted poster or information on an Amber alert.

No, no, no the shortest, simplest of conversations,

in a few seconds can indeed, indeed become captured by its false flag

Let us catch our breath, own our moment, breathe our truth.

We are all participating in our journey

In no way captured by a scripted reality show

Our journey to seeing each other, as individuals, unique unto ourselves-

let us each flow! Unencumbered by the stain preconceived stereotypes/LIES told

in the furtherance of hierarchical self-aggrandizement self imposed

entirely because of the notion their gender and race was won in a sperm lottery completely out of their control.

A well-known lottery which’s so hush-hush secret it breaks a sound barrier with its breathtakingly loud crescendo.

All know its time is coming where we see each other for our true self, but it is no less threatening to every self-aggrandizing practicing division. The need for silos, boxes, separatism is near and dear to the existence of their being.

The golden rule of do unto others as you would have done unto you is truly golden.

Who wants to be placed into a stereotype within seconds of a conversation, consciously or unconsciously. No one does. We each hope to be seen for ourselves not as a white _yr old male or female

or a hispanic _ yr old woman or man

Whichever descriptors used, it is still demeaning & dividing. What possible difference does it make if I am sharing an encounter involving anything? Let’s say it’s about a green smoothie. No one needs to know the gender and race of the people interacting in any story I am going to share about a green smoothie. The only possible reason I could think it might matter is if one of the smoothie participants suddenly became part of a man/woman hunt or involved in an Amber alert. Otherwise, nope, no relevance I can think of which would require descriptors for gender and race.

This is why I love the journey we are involved in towards this better moment #AdvocacyOverAdversity

Sometimes includes our other advocacy passions

#Positivity #Optimism