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  • Debbie 

Social Distancing

How Does This Help?

We are limited during

#SocialDistancing &

#StayAtHome, BUT…


Have been magnificent!

#TogetherAtHome has helped our

humanity —all of us together!!!

Worldwide- we mourn all loss of life &

lift our fellow warriors fighting now to

stay alive. We are lifting our

fellow humans grieving

We are never, never, ever limited by our

imagination, nor our ability to travel

without exposure. #YesWeCan

go wherever we want i.e. the

image shown “Top 10 weekend getaways…” It

is even easier to “go there,” if you have

physically stood in the area” which

mentally, physically, emotionally,

spiritually strengthens us.

The Appalachian Mountains, on some of trails,

truly feels as if a small piece of God’s

Grace of Heaven on Earth reveals an indescribable

undeniable truth. There isn’t a pastor, nor church members, nor a traditional

setting of God’s missionaries, church elders, etc.

While all of these “helpers” can be a great benefit, they can also become deceived-decieved– corrupted to steal, lie,….

When in a crisis, yet brought up knowing the attributes of our Lord combined with every summer and some fall visits to The Appalachian Mountains in Gatlinburg. It is easy to see how a young person could feel His presence in this area.

While this is a completely different path with

Jesus, God, & The Holy Spirit

Millions know exactly what I am

speaking about near Gatlinburg TN (plus others)

This is the reason, silently & quietly,

Faith, Grace, Healing, Agape Love thoughts/

prayers & Healing thoughts/prayers do not

have to be pushed nor proven.