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  • Debbie 



Change, maturity, transfer, an understanding through knowledge with compassionate empathy is perhaps our greatest strength and weakness in humanity. What we once thought we truly passionately believed to be true becomes a revelation in our growth – maturity. Were we wrong? Were we mistaken? Were we mean and hateful? Or are we human? All seeking our best self. This, best self, doesn’t come at an exact moment nor with a blueprint all coordinated like timepieces. This isn’t even the slightest bit logical nor reasonable. Everyone living with chronic illnesses or incurable illnesses will tell you this to be an indubitable fact. A diagnosis/es with symptoms, varied upon their spectrums cannot nor will they ever be able to tell us the trajectory of a chronic journey.

Would you trust everyone who tells you they know an exact date of the next hundred years of earthquakes? Well, yes, you could trust them. Yet, they wouldn’t be any less of charlatan. Preachers claiming to know the exact day the world will end. Stirring up fear and divisions is as old as time itself.

This conversation isn’t about religion, nor about the Father, Son, & the Holy Spirit. It is the grace we share when we extend to each other love. Unconditional love and healing support so the growth can be a process which lifts us all. Our journey leaves no one behind nor alone. Agape Love and Healing thoughts/prayers our unconditional life support. The security emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, holistically the round table of infinite love. There aren’t any sharp corners waiting in the dark. There are not any deep abysses awaiting on the wrong word, act, conversation which closes a door or a relationship triggering rejection/abandonment.

Whatever prayer, meditation, chant, .. we are all on the same spiritual path/page our humanity reveals it to be so.