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  • Debbie 

Why A Chronic Warrior—-Has An “Even If”

Why a Chronic Warrior —-Has An “Even If”

Even if – we are living in a human journey of human truth

We can lift each other up knowing the 1% of an overall chronic illness

living during the time of coronavirus some in a category of symptomatic while others asymptomatic.

Those with chronic illnesses which have been advocates for their diagnoses know how many variables which exist on the spectrums.

Asking for successful treatments and cures for decades- feel a great deal of empathy during this pandemic.

While being a high risk category due to comprised immune systems. The variables of covid19 & the vast diagnoses, symptoms, invisible illnesses- a term used for decades as well.

While the truth of our chronic journey is far from invisible.

Just as the coronavirus isn’t invisible when it can be readily be tested with a clear answer of positive or negative. We can combine contact tracing & answers with a path towards therapeutic treatments towards a vaccine.

This creates a viable plan.

Even if, we stumble upon ourselves while moving towards our goal, our journey is clear.

Even if, human beings do what our imperfect selves do, our greater good, better angels will propel us to our goal.

Even if, mistakes are made, the old conflicts, old as time itself creates storms of division- hate-etc..There are enough of us committed towards our humanity.


We choose optimism and positivity towards a better day leaning into vaccines- safe- tried- tested- proven- by #TheBestOfUs towards our best health. The medical doctors, nurses, all earn their path forward with #DoNoHarm – the hippocratic oath

We choose to believe the research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

Even if, the storms around our horizon in the blink of an eye or dwelling over many provides a Peace Be Still with a PeaceBoat always safely moving us besides still waters. Stepping upon the green green grass beside a waterfall.

All is well. One moment to the next we are crossing, leaping, jumping, towards our better moment.

Even if, coronavirus + chronic illnesses or chronic illnesses alone advocates lifting all during this pandemic.

We are each other in all ways especially when advocacy adversity has its purpose in our communities.

*Wear your masks -while in public

(In a personal note- I recently went out for my palliative Care Appointment. We stopped at Walmart for a few things and my hubby dropped me at the front, I asked him if the rule was still in place about masks? He said, “yes.”I was saddened by what I saw. Probably only 20%- 25% were wearing masks. I of course wore my mask. Once I entered Walmart I saw more people wearing masks and respecting the 6 feet apart rule.)

*wash your hands for 20 seconds – repeatedly

*social distance in public places 6 feet apart

*I am still washing my clothes when I return home

and wash hands. It is an extra step to be safe.