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  • Debbie 

Questions -Doors -Unintended

Questions -Doors -Unintended

The best intentions of those without intentions

only there to watch the scenery

A type of hereditary heresy

bored with their day

ready to be entertained by others lives,

Or perhaps they have intentions and ready to

make the world their entertainment

With their, rest on Sunday, but Gossip twice as fast.

Questions are the doors upon which all unintentional

answers, feelings, triggers, or behaviors become

the intentional of some

It is the 10 second pause we all can impose

before answering questions

The wisest of wisdom was

“I will forgive you for asking that question, if you will forgive me for not answering”

Questions are not obligations of implications of an absolute, especially in the south, where it is often misinterpreted as rudeness to have the self-confidence to stand in your truth as a female. The culture of “bless your heart” permeates every aspect self- confidence of the “yes mam/sir, “ and “no sir,” manners are entangled into our southern gospel of pauses Not who you are and are not. Classless enough for our humanity to be interrupted by itself for its own implications to unanswered insufferable questions.

The pope and plantation owners had two things in common at one point in history. The lack of education for the masses, the oppression of their people for greater wealth than their predecessors. Wealth meant power in all of its traditional ways over its beliefs and believers.

Questions; how we use them, where we use them and who we ask them of in which time period.

Entertainment or productivity to learn past, present, future…

Postscript: I do not single out Catholics above all religions, they just fit the criteria, to forget the historical, evangelical connection to the KKK and the South would be a travesty. Yet, this is a brief flash of content meant to stir your mind and reflectivity of questions better left unasked, however tempting their topic might be you, it could well be the saving of one more empathetic person who wasn’t up to the task.