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  • Debbie 

Listening to Beirut

August 4, 2020

As we see our day break upon its tenuous dawn, rising…..

Sometimes it takes a bit of subtraction to arrive at our solution

August 6, 2020

And very early early in the morning the first day of week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun. And they said among themselves, Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre?…..He is risen.—-Mark 16:2-3-6

(For Sunday Morning)

For the light of this Holy Sabbath Day, with its recurring privileges and blessings, our God, we thank Thee. For the gracious memories that it stirs within our hearts that on the first day of the week Christ Jesus arose from the dead, we give Thee praise. For the gracious hope that it revives within our Sabbath, for the people of God, we would call upon our souls and all that is within us to praise and bless and magnify Thy Holy Name. We pray to Thee that Thou wilt make straight paths for our feet this day, and help us to walk

Take our time, thoughts, prayers, from devotional/s of generation/s spiritual/s past to present Grant that it may be a great day in Thy Zion a day marked by the in gathering of many precious souls out of darkness into the marvelous light and liberty of the Gospel Christ and now unto Him Who is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God, our Savior,

If, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, .. we are human beings.

Not part of transactions. For

Especially torn and shredded in the midst of hurricanes, pandemics, believers or not (although, I Have is another choice made in the spiritual journey between the United States 🇺🇸Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit- prayer closets)We met this way in the providence of us all. Faith is a comfort with immense peace, comfort and strength. The anointed power outside of any one physical being is a blessing beyond any one human being in form and/or shape. Its infinite grace beyond mere mortals or the arc bent by any one of our small cogs.

All is Well, Peace Be Still …. an action in silence. …much misinterpreted – but then the only accountability needed has been resolved once you arrive into this complete Grace.

It is a current situation not blue/red/ nor even a donkey/elephant/ nor party corners up into an abyss last thoughts 💭 before we went down trying to sort out “Listening Beirut.”

The now of Beirut on BBC, reporting about the mistrust in the government with corruption and issues exacerbated by COVID-19 could be a cut-out from our own situation here in the United States.

A much needed presidential precedent, a balm of silence without speculation was our world standard before the “reality tv” producer- gossip show- national enquirer version of our new -last four years, punch & counter-punch policy’s.

All statementship/humanity, worlwide care and leadership flailing past

Common sense, calm, empathy, steady, leadership, all of the bullwark into

Conflict, division, mistrust, and bad behaviors by those in power is a very, very, very old story. We have an explosive trauma too close to our traumatic memory to not recall all of what 9/11 did to humanity worldwide.

The way it changed our planet. It cannot be given, but recognized as we reflect compassionate empathetic interaction in our human journey.

Wherever, whenever, however, whichever, whom everyone’s moment without judgement. Shred away any trolls along the way. The only journey which lifts us all is the Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Gentleness, meant to be placed around us all. It is this cloak we surround each other to climb towards our higher ground. Brushing away any negativity as we cling to the humanity lifting each other. Arms social distancing ourselves and others to our thrivingi higher ground. It is these chain linked warriors striving spiritually & physically both dressed in our armor – thoughts & prayers are both activated and prayed up! The Strongest amongst of us does their best both living their Faith with acts of our deeds and strengthening actions-deeds of common sense lead us towards a Peace ✌🏽 prayers without actions is susceptible to an adversary and its adversities.

All of our Amens and Sēläh’s heartfelt earned every moment we seek our blessings towards the betterment of us all

Humanity’s Grace

We will have risen when we collectively clasp our positivity and optimism in every breath uplifting us all.

Amens and Sēläh’s

We Are Together for our betterment

Amens and Sēläh’s

Yes We Can Again

Amens and Sēläh’s

While the following may seem a juxtaposition to positivity and optimism in the following statements…. we can’t move past the past without telling the truth as it is.

When the president sits and responds to coronavirus death rate in the USA as “it is what is.” Then combine this with irrational thoughts about John Lewis which led to him saying “He has done more for black Americans since any other president since Abraham Lincoln. John Lewis didn’t come to my inauguration nor my state of the union .. that is his right.”

If it is his right, and truly “didn’t matter.” Why is it being brought up in a tit for tat manner instead of the American presidency acting as ALL of the PEOPLES president.

Not as Donald J. Trump’s president in chief. We know how he feels about everything ad nauseam on Twitter. We need the president- presidency who acts in behalf of all of America. Who remembers we are all citizens. He doesn’t get to divide us up for campaign shots Texas and New York are American citizens they are not blue and red citizens. South Dakota and South Carolina are not colors of parties they are states in America. California and Florida aren’t just East and West coast they are also battling coronavirus while being states in America. Remaining unified and focused with our common goal #YesWeCanAgain to everything #YesWeCan #WeAreOkay

Do you remember the book “To Kill A Mockingbird?” Or if you prefer to watch the movie, an old black and white with Gregory Peck as the lawyer/Dad.

It has a literacy parallel today with John Grisham’s. “A Time To Kill.”

Also made into a movie for those who need to watch rather than read.

The parallel or theme is continued in a “time to end the hate.”

We are being challenged both spiritually and physically on multiple levels.

Whether it is civil rights, equal justice in a global pandemic or facing hate in a global pandemic. Doing black face or white face in a global pandemic… yep it is an all round times up on every level. We are here for real.

It will remind you why people are innocent until proven guilty. It will remind you why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, it will remind you why we all deserve equal justice and representation under the law/ by the law.

We should always be responsible with our words. Whether we are the president or a parent or a human being in general. We just behave responsibly towards each other compassionately, empathetically, thoughtfully without speculation or conspiracy theory/ies. If we are the president then it goes without saying that we don’t create problems with words or actions or speculations or unnecessary unintended consequences with reckless behaviors. Like saying a bomb was set off in an attack in another country before they have spoken about the situation themselves. And they are still stating it appears to be an accident, while trying to save lives, find missing, treat the wounded and, yes, determine the cause. They don’t need the pressure of other leaders inserting themselves into an incredibly painful situation. The most powerful leader (used to be) in the world would know this if he could see past his narcissistic behavior long enough to realize how completely inappropriate he is in this moment.