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  • Debbie 

When Words Begin

When Words Begin

Words dance with their incandescently

Unconditionally unique truth blooms with the young wondrously fully pregnantly fulfilled.

Not embryos of expectations but true destiny departed from past and our present day to complete themselves in our best future

Grace, peace, love, joy,

Skipping stones down waterfalls – Frothy, glittery, Misty, silver and gold rainbows. Singing in their peaceful silence. Nevermore loudly – silent

A true dichotomy’s – we are each are indeed.

old & new.

meeting & unmet

all refreshing & stagnant

Stimulating while calming

optimistically pessimistic

bravely coward

strongly weak

e pluribus unum

where one goes so too us all

in one to another

on our best day, the worst will

strangely enough be overcome

advocacy over adversity

Saying nothing while everything

our best attributes

become clearly muddled

mistily shrouded within