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  • Debbie 

Veto or Agree to Agree

Veto or Agree to Agree

At this point in the pandemic, whether you are in America or elsewhere. It isn’t moxie, hutspa, stirring the pot, chaos for the sake of chaos to create more confusion, Republican or Democrat it doesn’t matter anymore. It isn’t artistic nor beneficial to keep creating a continuous self-perpetuating crisis.

Please for the love of humanity, regardless of party or plotting of political futures, can we just think of our fellow citizens wherever they reside during this pandemic? The babies, children, grandchildren, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, all of us! Please let us stop this madness! It isn’t about vetoing an administration spending plan for a budget originally set in place by whom or a stimulus package, or the federal defense budget, or section 230 addition against big tech because we didn’t agree with their actions! This isn’t the time to settle scores or hurt feelings! The coronavirus is not choosing issues nor asking income brackets. It doesn’t care about zip code nor does it ask about internet connections. No, it doesn’t ask about therapeutic availability in those rural areas either. Coronavirus doesn’t care about all of our families who are suffering. Nor does it care for our lost loved ones. We can though! We can step away from the land mines laid down so carefully and diligently over time to create a perfect storm of confusion.

We can act by not bickering about divisive politics or fighting with each other. It is a choice we are making each and every day.

Choosing our families, loved ones, friends, and communities with compassionate empathy during this coronavirus pandemic.