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  • Debbie 

Actionable Advocacy

Actionable Advocacy

Every breath we take is an opportunity.

Choosing an unconditional love and support for ourselves and others with each breath is actionable advocacy. We are unique in every way! Therefore our choices, whatever they may be, have begun a journey. We are partaking upon this journey with each and every breath, the opportunities of choices, are intermingled in all of their varying intricacies and degrees. How exciting to contemplate while daunting as well, right? Every layer of our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual selves ….like an onion, rose, or nesting dolls. Whichever example best illustrates the layers upon layers which continually occur with varying layers as our human/chronic journey unfolds/reveals itself to ourselves and others.

Some of us choose to glide upon our journey without delving into the deep. Others seem to lose themselves in the process of peering into the layers without a support team around them for touchstones. The obvious majority of humanity moves through generations sharing our connections from past & present to future generations. A healthy compassionate empathy for humanity towards healing of us all. The phrase so commonly heard for the definition of insanity is to understand thoughts, actions, etc and choosing to do or act or say the same thing expecting a different result. Learning, understanding, growing, kindness comes from changing behaviors with the acknowledgement of actionable advocacy.

Our past generations, present generations, and future generations to be—> can collectively release a deep sigh filled with an immensely priceless moment of grace and peace from wisdom earned-gained.