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  • Debbie 

A Reverent Bow

A Reverent Bow

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While we gather virtually to surround and gather ourselves unconditionally around the world.

We see now our reverent bow.

An independent indubitably magnificent gorgeous shining spirit of humanity spans across time without limitations. Reaching each others spirit when their physical bodies cannot touch each other. The pioneering inventor entrepreneur, our classic American Heritage paved the way for the blow by the lowest of lows. Silicone valley heroes long were piecing together all we would need to the ultimate survivors. The Amazon’s, UPS, FED EX, combined with our local communities all are the integral parts of being able to still recover. While never ever ignoring the pain of all of our fellow citizens, families, friends who have lost their lives, loved ones, and livelihoods to this coronavirus. We also give a reverent bow to what is positive and optimistic towards our next breath.

While we gather virtually to surround and gather ourselves unconditionally around the world, nation, country, state, city, county, parish, town, family table, with our reverent bow.

Saying a prayer for peace & grace with comfort and strength for all of humanity Amen Sēläh