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What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer.

A shared story is an insight of inspiration from one warrior to another. #ShareAStorySaturday advocacy over adversity

We are empowering ourselves into a better breath inhaling our strength with an exhaled adversity.

Me, it is a very chronological chronic inspiration for a moment to moment grace.

Speaking, hearing, being our way past a single second rejuvenation multiplies for the worst or better. Which bubble wrap are you embracing?

Always stepping away from stress, anxiety, conflict.

Our chronic journey success formula, while we each have a one-of-a-kind DNA, our individual needs are cumulatively similar. Success or the path to a chronic journey of success with a comprised immune system can benefit from cellular bubble wrap in as many ways as humanly possible physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, holistically. We apply this process gradually choosing peace, positivity, & an optimistic attitude. We choose to not worry about issues which are outside of our realm of change. If you cannot alter the course of events, then the items are outside your realm of change. Therein you cannot choose the outcome/s. We do not waste energy aka spoons worrying about outcomes.

Delete all information on your mental shelf which is clutter, negative, or cumbersome. Draw boundaries around incoming information! Once you hear, see, or feel something it is done and while it can be deleted, sometimes not, stopping informational boundaries before they are breached creates a healthier chronic journey in every situation.

While NO ONE can control a life or their circumstances, we can each use our common sense along with appropriate behavior plus constant communication combined with unconditional love and unconditional support to provide the best bubble wrap formula for each of us. Choosing our best options in each moment until it is an opportunity to choose calm =comfort=strength =peace=immunity bubble wrap intact. Visualize the clear bubble wrap made of our softest, most comfortable reflective +rejuvenating after a single encounter. We take each crisis to learn, not wound ourselves nor others, no. We truly reinforce our bubble wrap -spiritually & physically in a repair linked by the journey. Our actionable advocacy moving through our chronically chronic journey. Always steadfastly guided by our mission of research,treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic communities.

Every chronic warrior on a chronic journey becomes more aware of their navigation system as they are blessed with more comfort and strength along with unconditional love and unconditional support teams. Chronic warriors and chronic journeys are learning experiences which happen at different levels, times, rates, degrees, etc. These unfold just as varying as our diagnoses, symptoms, occurred a pandora’s of unknowns with multiple variables. The loud consistency is always you are not alone! Advocacy over adversity is woven into our truth of we #SeeYou #HearYou #FeelYou, #AreYou while motivating all to #BeYou the you which is uniquely you! The cherished, beloved, unique, one-of-a-kind, never will, has, is any DNA other than you!

Millions seek #Cures #CureGP #CureMito #CurePOTS #Cures4All #1ForAll_All4One #Incurable #Invisible #Warriors

#ShareAStorySaturday #Spoonies #Spicy

Have an extra bit of energy today #SpicySpoonie #__________Spoonie Which are you? How are you? On this #ChronicJourney

Chronic warriors within our chronic journey experience an alchemy