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  • Debbie 



Making sure confidence isn’t a accomplishment nor an opportunity to undermine ourselves through a collection of past memories. Seeing our futures through a lens of half full, speaking a belief, speak to receive a thought into existence. A philosophy of healing our physical self both spiritually and physically continually in each breath moment by moment. Our amniotic fluid at the beginning is our first “bubble wrap” physically. The spiritual and physical journey our mothers experience while carrying us before we are born impact our health. We now know the ramifications of a mother smoking, drinking, exposed to any other detrimental effects etc. The toxicity of stress can break down our immune systems- our cellular bubble wrap. I have often wondered whether the generations of processed foods along with meats exposed with antibiotics and growth hormones over time begin to harm our immune system. The cumulative impact to humanity is slowly becoming louder and louder. Have you experienced a situation where you are uncomfortable in a particular area?

This isn’t about people and more about environmental impact- then we can address comfort level in population.

The environmental impact first- your entire being is unsettled in one area vs. another area you feel complete peace in internally. It is as if you were supposed to be in this atmosphere, but you can’t explain why. Yet, you can breathe easier, deeper, positively with a feeling that everything is “right in world.”

Now, we go to our population comfort. An entirely different situation than environment. Do you feel aligned among a community of many people or does this unsettle you? It is a “close your eyes and feel your truth” kind of guide. Chronic warriors on a chronic journey have learned this path well. Do you feel aligned in a place without a crowd, or traffic, or a group of people? Does too many people cause your blood pressure to rise? Traffic increases your blood pressure. These are some guidelines clues on how to find your alignment. If you are on a chronic journey, you need access to a good medical team! Your quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities depend upon unconditional love and unconditional support. Every person on a human journey requires unconditional love and unconditional support for a healthy & happy immune system. Each person’s environmental need – being met ✅If you are an ocean person, mountain person, desert person, etc… We have all heard each other say “I can’t wait until I can go to the _________.” Our internal bodies naturally crave a particular type of atmosphere/environment. Why do we ignore what our bodies tell us?

Next, stress, conflict, toxicity, levels etc. We all know the impact of it. Why do we ignore it?

When we choose to address our bodies with a listening conversation in tune with its feedback, we will have excellent bubble wrap.

It is confidence within ourselves over time which guides us into better understanding.