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  • Debbie 

Our Perfect Unique RX_______________

Our Perfect Unique RX= ______

How do we determine our perfect prescription? Each of us average about -an estimated at minimum 3 specialists when we begin our chronic journey.

During our first decade on our chronic journey- if blessed to self- manage our way through the incurable journey-an obstacle course filled with infinite moments. We encounter numerous opportunities to grow in different directions. As we stretch our way through these moments the RX is becoming fine-tuned. Even in its earliest stages of trial and error we are taking in data. Everyone of us has degrees/varying degrees of symptoms as well as varying degrees of responses to every option we choose with multiple moments on the chronic journey. Those of us with motility digestive tract issues have an added factor of constant inconsistency an ever changing palette of data. We hopefully have a good support team both medical, family, friends to keep us motivated through our chronic journey. One very helpful tool to use is a daily journal. Where we notate every intake and outtake. While we may think about ourselves in an old paradigm of TMI too much information – in reference to our body functions. We can set this paradigm aside for purposes of research, insight, understanding towards a better quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic communities. The old school paradigm of speaking about digestive tract issues in regard to diarrhea and constipation can shift when we think about taking a bite of food or being nauseous or vomiting. We speak/write comfortably about the beginning of digestion in our mouth. This initial part of the the paradigm must be explained in clear detail as well as the details for upper intestine and lower intestinal details.

Every pain in its exact location with a proper description along with the timing in relation to intake of liquids or solids matters immensely. As does the description of bowels, description of solid, loose, color, etc.

Anyone who has been in a gastroenterologist office has seen a chart showing the pictures of varying types of bile. The loose stool, shape, colors, etc.

Everything matters!

All of these accumulated details gathered overtime contribute to a unique RX for a chronic warrior. The RX will change overtime. Just as we change overtime. We began our journey and experience as a different version of ourself than we are today. Yet, we are still very very much the same person. At least I am still me. I am still the same person. I just pause, contemplate, and absolutely take longer to solve a situation than I did at the beginning.

It is with a great deal of grace, appreciation, gratitude, in every moment, every breath I give thanks in prayer, meditation, and biofeedback in healing Amen Sēläh for continued comfort and strength Amen Sēläh

Allowing grace, growth, positivity, optimism, comfort and strength to move forward in each breath with peace and patience All is Well 💜🧡