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  • Debbie 

Super Sunday Booster

Chronic advocacy thought bubble booster to our immunity system. Have you added to your reservoir of positivity and optimism in the last few moments? Every time we seek conscious & subconscious energy lifters we boost our immune system. In turn we boost everyone around us. How you ask? Think about a casual conversation with a check in to a close relative who just made you smile hearing their voice. This is our immune system booster of immunity bubble booster every bit of good news, positivity, shared encouragement, new developments guiding us as a community towards a higher ground are boosters. Whether they are shared immediately or gradually they matter!

The larger, deeper, wider, greater, stronger, our reserve/reservoir of energy/spoons the better equipped we are in achieving our best high quality boosted #BubbleWrap.

There are sooooooo many examples of positivity & optimism! Please choose a moment for a smile & share it to boost your immunity!