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  • Debbie 

An Unraveling

An Unraveling

Strength most of the time

chronically frayed like a wire worn

The 110 charge still packs a punch

When our normal lost our ability to consume lunch

In a regular fashion or an establishment of expectations any noon or morn.

Pieces do scatter, beginnings lose their place

Endings become the first

Instead of the last still we see grace

A reality playing hide & seek

Sparks scatter sending a burst

At the unraveling disguised

by a thorough need

for quality of life

Escaping negativity and pessimism

Chronic is now hiding its seeds

Never will one produce a root

Never would an unraveled, dehydrated, malnourished,

warrior put up a white flag

of surrender

Speaking isn’t actionable this is understood

We seek conquering -under duress

Before or after

After or Before the unraveling

Chronic warriors will choose empowerment of ourselves.

Development of a new protocol RX

We weave ourselves back together

Not perfect, not the same,

A functional raveling chronically blessedly

A side note:

While this isn’t my usual type of writing, as a chronic warrior living a chronic journey experience, it is a perspective many of us face with multiple diagnoses-varying degrees of symptoms and chronic dehydration along with malnutrition. This isn’t surprising considering how long my body has dealt with chronic illnesses all of these years.

What is difficult? The real facts. The quick thinking slowing, my organization skills slowing, and efficient order of past skills slipping at a noticeable difference. Acceptance of the aforementioned facts is a chronic journey experience growth step. 🙂