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  • Debbie 

Entry Into The Sky

Entry into the sky

The shadows overfill our hearts from tears as they flood our mast

We have gone astray without any kindling for tomorrow’s day.

We pray on this bed straggled aghast against a sky where a moon does rise.

It is our journey to see the shimmering light whist not seeing at all.

Broken, we are.

It is a different matter of which are as we lift each other up in the face of deep sadness.

She has been broken into, no she will arise again, but this blow holds no comparison in centuries of telling her story.

We steadfastly hold onto this flooding mast. Where tears

indeed a single teardrop could be the one

The one which sunk this gentle night.

Where not even a piece kindling is anywhere in sight.

Yet, we are in flames.

Yes, my dear ones.

The intricacies of this sadness is deep, wide in their varying degrees of multitude.

We insist you go to the port soon to not miss

The beauty in this great tragedy.

Like every time tested moment

She has her’s as well.

Can you see her?

The intense colors rivaling the many colors of a sunset across a deep ocean? We brighter than a Caribbean Sea blue in our intensity.

It is infinitely infinite to see her now.

Bright orange hair, or any other you choose to see.

She is you or me.

We are all out on that sea.

Every remnant of humanity.