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Aid to digestion: Due to its strong aroma, it helps in activating our taste and sensory elements and thus, aid digestion. “This enables the secretion of enzymes effective for digestion especially if consumed after heavy meals,” says Dr. Tyagi. Cardamom is good for curing stomach problems like indigestion, gas and constipation. Cardamom contains chemicals that are known to increase the movement of food through the intestine

The link below shows a possible aid we might receive from cardamom. My choice use is in teas or smoothies. When the motility intake window opens

Preheating the tea cup, mixing bowl, prior to adding tea is really helpful. The other worthwhile investment has been the electric tea kettle with settings for green, black, oolong, herbal, & white teas. The gifting of my kettle to the tea drinking experience has been immensely helpful and beneficial!!! The green tea matcha ceremonial grade was also an additional gifting to a higher level. This has been a beautiful addition to both physical, mental, emotional well-being. The mixing of Manuka honey and mushroom powder with the matcha tea was such a success. The next level of learning on this path has been recent.

While making more than one cup of matcha 🍵 at a time, I realized I lost the smooth texture & froth if I went over 2/3 cup in my matcha bowl (chawan). The

Bamboo Whisk (Chasen), Matcha Bowl (Chawan), Matcha Sifter, Matcha Whisk Holder, & Bamboo Scoop.

All used with a high quality green matcha tea powder which is $ costly. Yet, well worth the money in the health benefits. I have mentioned the digestive pluses for Miso soup. It is a similar situation with Matcha Green Tea powder-ceremonial grade. The new information I attained was a clear mixing bowl allowing the whisk (Chasen) to zig zag 1cup easily with a beautiful texture and froth. Their isn’t a need to dry the bowl between batches either. The large tea cup I am using was pre-heated then I discarded the water.I then added a small amount of correct temperature to the cup with Manuka honey, regular honey, spices – cardamom, cinnamon, allspice and lion’s mane —>stir then add matcha tea—>> stir. One batch or more as tolerated. Sip as long as you choose. Slowly warming in these temperatures is a great great thing!!!

+Digestive benefits



+Autoimmune boosters

+Mitochondrial malabsorption benefits along with the rebuilding of stripped down immunity system.

We are putting our spoons back into the reservoir