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  • Debbie 


CDC-GuideLines -Vaccines-Me-You-Us-We!

The new guidance from the CDC- The center for disease control and prevention based in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is a 1st step by the CDC as you read through the guidance you may see some still unanswered guidance still fully explained. I believe all of this will be forthcoming as we learn more. While I do not know anymore than you or anyone else? I am basing my thoughts on past observations. This new virus has required the medical epidemiologists to “learn on the fly -as data has come in.” There has been a number of adjustments during the coronavirus pandemic. I do think it has revealed a lack of confidence in the CDC or Dr Fauci, I think a good researcher or doctor is willing to adjust course with new data. Sticking with old data and an unwillingness to alter their course would be extremely alarming in the midst of battling a new novel virus, in my opinion.

The new guidance is based upon our population becoming more vaccinated as we go forward. All of our actions depending upon our fellow human beings doing the same. Everything we do requires us all doing our part. No one, NO-ONE, wants to have their family members absent at their table, nor able to ever hear their voice again. It is this common empathy and compassion we lend to each other. In this pandemic losing our inclination of empathy and compassionate behavior towards each other would be additional wound to humanity both National and Worldwide. It would be a division through the heart of us worsening and worsened by a lack of accountability through arrogance and ego. We can dispel these lies by a social distanced, masked, and hand washing documented (no PG-13 or R rated footage) allowing time to prove its scientific-common sense in evidence.

Time will prove the proof with a justifiable outcome on film.

Facts speak for themselves when left, in context, without punditry or opinions in a narrative of propaganda guiding us or trying to keep us angry and divided.

An unnatural state of affairs. We are in a pandemic not another civil war.

Anarchy would like to high-jack any opportunity of division for their own. Yet, it is not so.

Wearing a mask isn’t about our liberty, freedom, and pursuit of happiness after all. No it is about saving lives until enough of us can be vaccinated and then we can move past this very long pandemic fight for survival.

An estimated time of end of May is not too far away. This time period compared to an entire year where we have lost over 500,000 lives. This seems like a completely rational discussion to carefully do all we can to not lose any more lives until we can make it to the end of May. We can help every state vaccinate their constituents fully. Yes, almost every state is connected to another. Almost all of us have ties to friends and family members in other states. Even if we don’t, most of us care deeply, compassionately, empathetically about our fellow citizens!

We want every family to be whole and not experience grief. Those who have experienced grief are praying, thinking, and lifting up all during this time for all to honor their fellow citizens both living and those RIP. We must not jeopardize the small amount progress we have begun to make in our communities. Wearing a mask and behaving responsibly for a few more months is not a lot to ask of us all.

COVID-19 and Your Health