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  • Debbie 

How Do We

How Do We?

All of my life, I have had an internal unconditional unconscious intense need to learn, understand, the past which has shaped both our nation and our world. The integral points of change. Everyone knows them instantly when we mention the holocaust or slavery. We are shaped by historical events both historical and present. As a child this intense need to understand kept returning to the events WW2 and the 1960’s America, the hate in humanity, how we keep cycling through and nurturing deep seated fears rather than our common goals and experiences?

In this purpose of learning and continual hope with optimism and positivity our journey keeps moving.

Then we gradually began a new cycle eerily similar to those in 1960’s. Those questions I asked as a child, “what was it like to live during that time?” Were as childish as trying to put my empathy into every race or gender other than my own. While being very empathetic and compassionate it still isn’t the same. Living everyday in society as if you are lesser or not valued is demoralizing. The closest I can truly get to this is how the south still acts like the south, but has gotten better in the 1-2 decades. The other insight I can offer is being an independent in a state which as of late reflects Republican. Being an independent which traditionally votes for a person not party in this current situation of partisan division, conspiracy theories, & hate requires more optimism and positivity.

How do we rise above a state historical cyclical division nationally and worldwide?

It is my belief by continuing to see, feel, hear, and be our empathetic compassionate selves who seek to empower all through, over, beyond this moment.

“The talk” given to African Americans over & over & over & over generations is an empathy we must seek to understand and absorb to heal all of us. The similar empathy exponentially that we give our children who go through active shooter drills in schools. We know what this does to our children. Apply this empathy and compassion now to every person and situation hear about and imagine the PTSD symptoms it must trigger in them. Imagine if it was your child, brother, father, or other relatives and/or friends. Then add that “the talk” has been given for generations if stopped by the police. Now when you hear someone speak about police issues- are they racist or they are speaking from their truth and trauma?

Hate crimes committed to and upon as anti-Semitic be it people or synagogues- we must understand and absorb to heal us all.

The hate against Asian-American people must also be empathetically understood and absorbed to heal us all. Please understand hate crimes are against the law and they should be prosecuted for their crimes while understanding and absorption with healing occurs simultaneously.

It is within accountable actions, respectable, dignified debate conducted with compassionate and empathetic truth we all heal. Our country heals with accountability it begins to stitch together our differences within the context of our humanity and common goal. Our common goal is country! Our common goal is the our shared experience of America. Even if we we disagree about she should be tended to or governed? We do agree about our constitution our honor of the lives who have died to achieve all in history for us to speak, debate, live in this moment. Our anger, differences, or any other thoughts can’t be used to tear her apart. China & Russia might celebrate that moment they are purposely agitating issues I am sure to keep distractions and divisions loud. Distractions can’t be used either to tear her apart! We must stand together Republican, Democrat, Independent, & Libertarian to proclaim our country matters over party or any division otherwise we won’t have her if we keep tearing at each other. We are not each other’s enemies nor is the press the enemy of the people.

They are in the constitution and perform an important function, when done factually and truthfully-

the path we must all follow.

How do we begin? Do you yearn to see her flourish and function at her best? So do I. Let’s do all we can to achieve this goal in whatever capacity we are able to perform.