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  • Debbie 

When Your Spoons Are Low

When Your Spoons Are Low

When your spoons are low

And our aura alters,

what do you, we do ? #POTS

What do we do? What do we do?

What do we do? We Weeble & Wobble

We do, we do, we do, we do?

We do. #Spoonie

When our spoons

are low!

Upward, onward, forward, peace, strength,

The grace is grace

Guggenheim the unconditional gif

A screenshot of the Guggenheim from Wikipedia-when creating our lives from one pathway to another breath by breath- we must consciously-diligently- with forethought forge forward. We live together, not in chaos, but in perfectly orchestrated grace.

I am not saying we bounce, on an invisible thread, but on one well researched whilst creatively motivated by our spiritual journey in every way.

When your spoons are low?

When your spoons are low. #POTS #GP #Mito #CIP #ColonicInertia #Gastroparesis #CureGP #CureMito

When your spoons are low,

whatever way, slow, medium, semi-to-fair to middleman

When your spoons are low

There are millions more sharing the chronic journey experience with you

When your spoons are low warriors know

Your spoons are low.

Not the cherry vine low,

No not the grapevine low,

Nope not even mulberry vine low.

What do we do when our spoons hang low

or spoons and spoons are low.

An optimizeration, wheeeeeeen


spoooooooooons arrrrrrrrrrreeezzzz


We optimize, our experience with, optimism, with each extension offered the passenger over time.

It is not my preset presence of a time gone but by -long gone – bye- in the past of the Deep South – a civil war we are no longer fighting ghost!

Uplifted -not downdrifted- nor sideways by an ole time hail/hell from an unauthorized connection.

We are uplifted, updated, into our best selves!

Higher than our Highest step, skip, path it is within this journey all of our lives meet each other. The millions of us, in all of our communities, humanity, stages of grace, varying degrees of symptoms and chronic illnesses meet each other in the midst of our varying degrees curable & incurable degrees of the pandemic.

We all have met, here we go!!!

Away, beyond, all of the tugs,

Transferring our chronic journey into a collective breath of peace and healing ❤️‍🩹

In advocacy.