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  • Debbie 

Motility Monday 9/13/2021

Motility Monday

What we raise for inspiration and motivation to journey forward

Can become a spoken blessing for a quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

The path we choose to breathe in and out in appreciation with gratitude for this moment of life is an exuberant joy. While many other factors impact our lives a single moment of grace & comfort/strength can increase our positive- optimism to sweep away all of the unknowns in every other arena of our lives. The largesse of peace and patience becomes the breath inhaling and exhaling a joyful journey. Chronic warriors who find their way upon anchorage of flying PeaceBoats which hitches itself differently for everyone of them. They meditate, pray, biofeedback, and/or advocate thoughtfully forward on their chronic growth-journey path – higher-higher -higher. Each find their unique breath to live in a peace with comfort and strength.

Every moment of every breath of every warrior is as singularly unique as each of their DNA. We lift every one of our fellow warriors up in unconditional support and unconditional love 24/7/365