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  • Debbie 

Choosing Better- A Barometric Touchstone

Choosing Better- While being an empathetic barometer.

How we feel is a barometer for quality our life and care – empathy is –

a touchstone reflection to each breath we breathe on our chronic journey experience. This becomes, an advocacy over adversity whilst empowering ourselves & others, inhaling and exhaling research, treatment/s, quality of life & care while seeking cures for chronic communities. A truth we continually seek in an optimistic positivity. Its vast degrees & varying symptoms truly endless always evolving breath by breath by & through our steps forward & upward. The enlightenment, encouragement, education, motivation, inspiration, compassion, empathy, in a continuation of movement all create more expansion advocacy over adversity. There are endless opportunities to overcome every presentation of a storm, obstacle, obstruction, either physical or spiritual toward a healing path. We can truly provide new paradigms on or to paths forward to successful care/treatments- cures. Incurable illnesses- warriors all seek their better quality of life and care while seeking cures. Every diagnosis/es themselves and their doctor-medical team- family and friend team – support team online and offline all seek their better quality of life and care with research, treatments, while seeking cures for our chronic communities. Every diagnosis of an incurable illness has led to an inquisitive diagnosis seeking a new path.

Definition of inquisitive from

1: given to examination or investigation

2: inclined to ask questions

especially : inordinately or improperly curious about the affairs of others

Synonyms to inquisitive

curious, nosy (or nosey), prying, snoopy

Definition of Inquisitive from

1: given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious:

an inquisitive mind.

2: unduly or inappropriately curious; prying.


3: an inquisitive person:

thick curtains to frustrate inquisitives.

Synonym for Inquisitive

2. See curious.

The curiosity of an optimistic positive warrior who is undaunted by old paradigms. Who consistently seeks the redrawn paradigms of new breaths in a new future. Optimism is expected when undefeated by failure. Failure doesn’t define positivity nor does it disassemble its force towards a better quality of life and care through research & treatments. The purposeful persistence patience in perseverance has a peaceful comfort and strength inhaling and exhaling advocacy over adversity knowing all obstacles are opportunities to overcome. We can find the still silence to be strengthening our spoons =energy a chronic journey experience which gathers us together offline and online creating awareness and new support groups for greater insight, inspiration, education, motivation, empowerment, advocacy, enlightenment, encouragement, compassion, empathy, and understanding towards a greater understanding for all chronic communities. Where one is seen so are we all. Every adversity overcome is an advocacy success for us all!!!

All knowledge is a 24/7/365 comfort, every piece of new information read, a balm to every chronic warrior on advocacy over adversity journey.

As an explanation to empathy on being a barometer to any warrior with incurable illnesses.

There are a small population of people who are empathetic- soooooo empathetic that when they begin to feel anxious or strong emotions of ANY any sort they begin to break out in red splotches across their chest with a flush going up the neck. The reaction was such that it required wearing high necked clothes to not be embarrassed in front of people. Because it wasn’t just negative emotions, but strong emotions as well. The red splotches were a give away about how how apparently there was an internal narrative causing this embarrassment. The result of people asking questions the red “rash” taught a lesson about always being careful an empathetic barometer inwardly or outwardly warrants our attention. You should never ignore your body’s feedback in whatever way it speaks to you.